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Finance: Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable position is a hybrid role with both in-person and work-from-home responsibilities supporting ACR Homes in the finance department. The ideal candidate would possess organization, critical thinking skills, and the ability to work efficiently and independently. If you hold a high level of ethical responsibility, are proactive, and thrive in a fast-paced environment, this role would be for you. Accounting experience is preferred but not required.  


Employment Information:

Rate of Pay:

Starting at $18-$20/hour DOE


ACR Homes is proud to offer raises starting at 1 year of employment


Employment Type:
Full-time hybrid role (3 office days + 2 work-from-home days weekly)


Suburban Twin Cities

Benefits Information:

Full-time employees are eligible for the following competitive benefits package:

  • Traditional Medical Insurance offered through PreferredOne
  • Supplemental NICE Healthcare for virtual and in-home visits FREE for employees (this includes the option to receive some medications free of charge through their partnering pharmacies) 
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Long-term disability and life insurance
  • Voluntary short-term disability and supplemental life insurance
  • Generous Paid time off (PTO) starting in year 1


  • Processing the following in a timely manner:
    • Vendor invoices
    • Employee reimbursements
    • Corporate credit card payments
  • Data entry tasks
  • Working with the finance team to support ACR Homes with their financial needs
  • Perform day-to-day financial transactions


  • Possess strong data entry skills 
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Excel 
  • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license & access to reliable transportation 
  • Have the ability to complete the essential job functions
  • Ability to speak, read, write, and understand the english language 
  • Have a clean criminal background history 
  • Experience is appreciated but not required 

This is intended as a summary; additional functions and requirements are stated in the full job description below


ACR Homes is an EEO/AA Employer

Accounts Payable Description & Requirements

JOB TITLE: Accounts Payable

REPORTS TO: Finance Controller

PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: To provide accounts payable support to the finance office at ACR Homes

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The following functions have been determined by the Company to be essential to the successful performance of this position.

  1. Process Vendor Invoices and Employee Reimbursements
    1. Sort and distribute invoices for proper authorization to pay.
    2. Track packing slips or receipts received, verify that invoices are received, and attach to appropriate invoices or statements.
    3. Verify accuracy of general ledger coding on invoices, including the company assigned to pay.  Allocate payments among homes or companies when necessary.
    4. Input all invoices into the accounting system in a timely manner, ensuring all necessary information is entered in detail.
    5. Give original invoices pertaining to purchases to be capitalized and depreciated to the appropriate general ledger accountant, and retain a copy of the invoice for A/P.
    6. Pay only from original invoices, not monthly statements, except as noted in (F) above and where ACR policy allows, such as credit cards for gas, Sam’s Club, Coborn’s, or North Heights Hardware, etc.
    7. Print edit report and submit with appropriate invoices for review.
    8. Submit information for new vendors and current vendor updated information to the appropriate personnel for processing before initial checks are issued.

2. Prepare and Process Payment of Invoices

  1. Ensure all payments are made in a timely manner and that late fees or finance charges are not incurred by ACR Homes or any of its related companies.
  2. Prepare and generate checks and attach applicable backup information.
  3. Generate checks for recurring payables and ensure that related data is current.
  4. Present checks for signature to HR Director, who stamps with the signature stamp for James A Nelson.
  5. Checks greater than $2,000 also require the signature or signature stamp of Gene Leistico, COO.
  6. Issue checks for employee reimbursements within 5 days of receipt by Accounts Payable. Issue all other checks within 10 days of receipt unless otherwise authorized.
  7. Pay all credit cards at least one week prior to the statement due date. Certain credit cards require payments weekly.
  8. Ensure that duplicate payments are not made.
  9. Enter voided checks generated by yourself and other staff.
  10. Follow up monthly on outstanding checks older than one month.
  11. Reconcile any vendor statements received within 10 days of receipt.
  12. Notify Controller immediately of any deviations from written procedures.

3. Safeguard Assets

  1. Keep all check stock locked in a secure area at all times. The key to this locked area must be safeguarded by the Accounts Payable Coordinator.
  2. Keep an accurate accounting of all checks, including any unused or voided checks.

4. Maintain Knowledge of Company Function and Policy Pertaining to Accounts Payable

  1. Be knowledgeable of the current Employee Handbook and internal policies where they pertain to Accounts Payable.
  2. Inform employees and others regarding accounts payable and other policies as needed.
  3. Maintain a general knowledge of current operations within the company, positions held by employees and group home status as they pertain to the position.

5. Prepare Internal Reports as Requested

  1. Reconcile accounts payable to general ledger after month is closed.
  2. Print monthly check register, verify and present for preparation of bank reconciliation.
  3. Prepare other reports as requested for use in reconciliation and analysis.
  4. File all accounts payable reports generated in a timely manner.

6. Provide Research on Vendors When Necessary or Requested

7. Demonstrate Creativity in Problem Resolution and in Proposing New Ideas for Data Management and Policies.

8. Adhere to Scheduling Policies

You must be punctual and ready to start your shift at designated times.  You must notify your supervisor of scheduling changes and conflicts.

9. Present a Positive Attitude and Professionalism

Present a positive attitude and maintain confidentiality and professionalism regarding all Company information regarding resident, staff and company issues. This also means refraining from inappropriate comments and gossip.

10. Maintain a Professional Appearance

Maintain a professional appearance while on duty in order to maximize your effectiveness as a representative of ACR.  This includes the use of professional language and postures, refraining from chewing gum, and wearing clean and neat clothing, hairstyles and jewelry in keeping with the professional dress policy.

11. Participate in Training and Development

Complete required training. Attend office staff meetings and other meetings as requested. Participate in performance appraisals of your work.


12. Adhere to Company Policies

Adhere to all company policies as stated in the current ACR Employee Handbook and in other notices of policy.

13. Seek and Follow the Advice and Directions of Supervisors

You must seek the advice of your supervisor when you have questions concerning the performance of the functions of your job.  As concerns or a need for clarification arise beyond the scope of your training and background, whether they are your own concerns or those of coworkers or vendors, bring them promptly and directly to your supervisor. You must follow directions and assignments given by a superior concerning performance of functions of this position.

14. Work Effectively with Coworkers

You must work with coworkers as a team player.  You must communicate with coworkers both verbally and in writing. You must recognize and respond appropriately to nonverbal and situational cues form coworkers, such as when there is a need for additional assistance either in the receptionist area or with applicants.

15. Accept Other Duties as Assigned by a Superior.

16. Report Illegal Activity

Report any illegal activity that you observe or are somehow otherwise aware of to a superior.

NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:  The following are job functions that are customarily performed by the person responsible for this position, but they are not considered essential functions.

  1. Perform job-related duties and errands in your personal vehicle when requested or necessary.


  1. You must possess the following character traits:
  2. Independence:  You must be self-sufficient and resourceful enough to carry out the functions of the position.  The position requires you to be adept at problem-solving and taking initiative with minimal direction from supervisors.  You must be able to recognize what needs to be done and to prioritize and complete work with minimal direction from supervisors.
  3. Positive Tone and Morale:  You must be able to contribute a positive tone and morale to the workplace in order to perform the functions of the position.  You must present a positive and professional attitude toward the residents, toward your coworkers, toward your work and toward the Company.  You must be able to work with coworkers as a team player, and you must be willing to help out when problems and emergencies arise.
  4. Responsibility:  You must be responsible in carrying out the functions of the position.  You must be reliable in quality of work, task completion and follow-up.  You must be responsible for timely completion of any required training.
  5. Socialization:  You must be able to comfortable accept and conform to the rules and regulations of the company and the position.  The position requires that you adhere to company policies and conduct rules and other procedures and regulations.  You must be able to cooperate, work and communicate with coworkers, supervisors and office staff.  Your socialization skills must be sufficient to perform the functions of the position.
  6. Self-Control: Employees must be able to exercise and model self-control and self-discipline in their interactions with coworkers and outside agents sufficient to perform the functions of the job.  The work environment can be emotionally challenging due to everyday problems as well as periods of relatively heavy workload.  You must be able to control emotions and temper in these situations.
  7. Judgment:  You must possess judgment and decision-making skills sufficient to perform the functions of the job, in both day to day and crisis situations.
  8. Stress Tolerance:  You must be able to function effectively under stressful conditions.  This position is often stressful due to periods of heavy workload, regulatory requirements and audits.  You must be able to maintain self-composure and work effectively and professionally under these conditions.

  1. You must possess the following physical abilities:
  1. Seeing:  sufficient vision to perform the functions of the job.  Normal or corrected-to-normal is sufficient.
  2. Hearing:  sufficient hearing to perform the functions of the job.
  3. Speaking:  sufficient verbal skills to communicate effectively at an understandable level with a wide range of individuals and agencies, both in person and on the telephone.
  4. Interaction:  You must have the ability to effectively interact, both verbally and non-verbally, with coworkers, applicants and outside agents.
  5. Writing:  You must have writing skills sufficient to perform the functions of the job.
  6. Math Skills:  You must have extensive math, accounting and money skills sufficient to perform the functions of the position.
  7. Computer Skills:  You must have a high level of computer skills and the ability to learn and use software and equipment sufficient to perform the functions of the position.
  8. Data Entry Skills:  You must have a high level of data entry speed and accuracy sufficient to perform the functions of the position (minimum score of 250 on ACR’s data entry test).


  1. You must have reliable transportation to the work site.
  2. You must limit non-work related telephone use and cell phone use (including texting) and internet use.
  3. You must have the ability to learn Company structure, and job-related terminology as needed to perform the essential functions of the position.
  4. You must have the ability to use equipment including but not limited to the office telephone system, computers, fax machines, and copiers.

PLACES WHERE WORK IS PERFORMED:  in the company’s offices and at other worksites as directed by your supervisor.

PREPARATION OF JOB DESCRIPTION:  This job description was prepared from observing the work in process and from information provided by the Controller and finance department staff and Kristin Pitchford, Director of HR Policy and Compliance, and is updated from time to time.