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Program Director

Be part of a team of Program Directors who ensure adherence to licensing and reporting requirements and who oversee and train Residential Supervisors in their supervision of staff and management of ACR home programs. Program Directors require a high level of emotional IQ, adaptability, resourcefulness and skill in problem solving and conflict resolution.

Employment Information:

NEW! Rate of Pay (effective 12/6/20):
starting at $60,000/year (effective 5/10/21)

Employment Type:
Full-time Location:
Suburban Twin Cities

Benefits Information:

Full-time employees are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Medical (NICE Healthcare included at no cost*)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Long-term disability and life insurance benefits
  • Voluntary short-term disability and supplemental life insurance
  • Paid time off (PTO)

Benefits Details


  • Interact with residents
  • Support resident health and well-being
  • Assist RS in facilitation of interests and choices of residents and supervision of staff
  • Manage household operations
  • Carry out safety, meal preparation and cleaning procedures
  • Seek and follow the advice and directions of supervisors
  • Work effectively with supervisors and coworkers
  • Uphold ACR’s Core Values
  • Participate in training and development
  • Present a positive attitude and professionalism
  • Adhere to scheduling policies
  • Carry a cell phone, manage the house mail, voice mail and E-mail
  • Adhere to company policies and procedures
  • Accept other duties as assigned by a superior
  • Report illegal activity



  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a valid U.S. driver’s license, reliable transportation and a good driving record
  • You must be able to do some lifting
  • You must be able to work independently and you must have interpersonal skills including empathy, responsibility, self-control, good judgment, and overall adjustment
  • You must be able to see, hear, speak, interact, and write in English sufficiently to perform the essential functions of the position
  • Part-time employees must work at least 10 shifts per month
  • Full-time employees must work at least 38 hours per week

This is intended as a summary; additional functions and requirements are stated in the full job description below

ACR Homes is an EEO/AA Employer

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Program Director Description and Requirements


REPORTS TO: Lead Program Director

PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: Oversee designated Residential Supervisors (RSs) in their responsibilities relating to the health, safety and well-being of individuals with disabilities, staff supervision and management of the household. Ensure adherence to licensing and reporting requirements and assist in addressing program, staff and other concerns as necessary to support the interests of the individuals being served.

1. Oversee RSs in the Facilitation of Residents’ Healthcare, Safety, Interests and Choices

  • Oversee the RS in the homes for which you are responsible and ensure the health, safety and well-being of residents in those homes. Be attentive to resident health and safety needs as well as their interests and choices and facilitate appropriate support.
  • Serve as a representative of clients and of ACR in contacts with residents’ family members and friends, Case Managers, day program and medical personnel, neighbors and vendors.
  • Oversee the management of Client Trust funds as needed. Verify records and documentation relating to resident finances including receipts for all purchases and deposits made on behalf of residents. Verify petty cash balances and activity. Verify that bills sent to residents are paid in a timely fashion. Verify monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Ensure that the CSSPA is up to date and in keeping with any changes in resident needs. Ensure that all staff are appropriately trained in the CSSPA.
  • Ensure that goals are updated based on results of FSSI, CFA, person-centered plan and other CSSPA documents, as well as the list of needs determined annually by the resident’s team. Ensure that staff follow through with documentation of goals.

2. Supervise RSs and Direct Care Staff
A. Create a positive work environment in the homes you visit and in the office. Be a motivator and leader for RSs and staff.
B. Oversee RSs performing correct procedures in facilitating residents’ goals, healthcare, wellbeing and activities.
C. Adapt and assist when problems and emergencies arise.
D. Assist in selection of RSs and staff, when requested, and in recruitment of staff.
E. Oversee the initial training of RSs and new staff and ensure that they complete their required training and documentation within the time frames specified in their job
F. descriptions. Ensure new RSs and staff have a performance appraisal when they have completed their first 60 days after hire and annually thereafter.
G. Ensure that RSs and staff complete in a timely fashion all training which must be updated annually. Oversee additional ongoing training appropriate to their positions and in accordance with licensing requirements. Ensure that RSs and staff complete and submit related training documentation in a timely fashion.
H. Ensure that RSs and staff are performing the essential functions and meeting the requirements of their positions as described in their job descriptions.
I. Serve as a role model for staff in tone, morale, and professionalism in interactions with residents, other ACR employees, residents’ family members and friends, Case Managers, day program personnel and medical personnel and others.
J. Ensure that RS and staff documentation and follow-through meets requirements with regard to resident goals, petty cash, health progress notes, comm. book, cleaning list, archives, and other areas of documentation.
K. Give RSs and staff positive and negative feedback on job performance in a prompt, tactful, direct and consistent way; follow through with appropriate documentation of employee issues.
L. Encourage RSs and staff regularly. Give at least one affirmation to an RS or staff each month, such as written notes or other tangible forms of affirmation. Give a copy or documentation to the Lead Program Director and Jim Nelson.
M. Be attentive and responsive to employee concerns and refer issues to appropriate personnel in the company as needed. Demonstrate tact, kindness and concern toward RSs and staff.
N. Ensure that RSs and staff receive annual written Performance Reviews and when improvement is required, ensure follow up on those issues. See that documentation is properly filed.
O. Verify the scheduling of staff each month for each home you supervise as directed by Lead PD.
P. Facilitate a monthly meeting between those you supervise.
Q. Adhere to and relay Company policy and procedures, licensing requirements, and other company information in a positive, supportive and professional manner. 3. Oversee Household Operations
A. Ensure that the household meets all regulatory and licensing requirements and uphold licensing standards.
B. Ensure that the house and yard meet company and neighborhood standards; alert management and maintenance staff regarding additional needs for funding or assistance.
C. Verify the implementation of emergency evacuation and safety procedures each month.
D. Oversee the management of the household budgets.
E. Complete at least two three hour House Visits per home per month. The RS and or residents are expected to be present unless otherwise directed by Lead PD.
F. Complete a PD checklist for each home every month as designated on the checklist (monthly, every other month, quarterly)
G. Support RSs in carrying out their job duties by: offering assistance with duties as necessary, offering emotional support, being present for difficult meetings/ interactions, talking through issues, calling to check in on them and the home, etc.
H. Licensing Visits- ensure paperwork is complete and signed prior to the visit and attend the visit for each home each year.
I. Verify the following RS paperwork each month: Call logs, AW night light tracking, Affirmations, Timesheets, Reimbursements, and other items as needed or directed.
J. Attend and/ or facilitate Staff Meetings for each home- every other month, unless otherwise directed by Lead PD
K. Attend Resident Meetings: Annuals, Semi- Annuals, and as needed to ensure continuity of care and to ensure paperwork is filled out and items are followed up upon.
L. If you qualify, act as the home’s QIDP (in ICF homes) or Designated Manager (in all non-ICF homes. Sign off as applicable on Psychotropic, Emergency Use of Manual Restraint (EUMR), Positive Support Transition Plans (PSTPs) and Goal paperwork.
M. Ensure all paperwork relating to EUMR and/or PSTP is up to date with signatures, and sending of reports.
N. Verify that consents are up to date.
O. Inspect the RS/ Live In apartment on a quarterly basis.
P. Complete a weekend or evening drop in visit, lasting at least one hour, for each home you supervise, every 6 months.
Q. Verify that the RS/ Live-In Supervisor is adhering to the pet policy.
R. Death of a Resident: Offer Support to the home and complete duties as directed by the Resident Death Checklist.
S. New Resident: Facilitate a smooth transition by following the New Resident Checklist which includes writing the CSSPA, ensuring books are made, staff are trained, etc. 4. Reporting of Incidents
A. Ensure the timely completion of Incident Reports and fill in the QIDP/Designated Manager section if you qualify as a QIDP/Designated Manager.
B. Complete Serious Injury Report when specified.
C. Complete an Internal Investigation any time a report is made to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC), and upon death of a resident if required. Forward onto Lead PD and Director of HR Policy & Compliance for review prior to dissemination.
D. Notify Licensors according to the Notifying Licensor’s Checklist 5. Facilitate Response to Resident VA Issues
As a Mandated Reporter, and as the Program Director you will receive reports of VA issues and will need to report them to the proper authorities (MAARC, Ombudsman, DHS, Police), as well as ACR management. 6. Interact with Residents
Interact with residents as outlined in the Direct Care Professional (DCP) job description. 7. Perform Direct Care
Perform 1 shift of direct care per home you supervise per year (minimum of 4 hours per home) unless otherwise directed by the lead program director. Adhere to the DCP job description when performing direct care. Remain available to assist with emergency response as needed, such as when unexpected staffing needs arise or when emergencies arise that require additional staffing. 8. Work Effectively with Supervisors
Seek and follow the advice and directions of supervisors including the Lead Program Director, and ACR management when you have questions concerning your performance of the functions of your job. Work as a team player with your supervisors and communicate effectively and professionally with them both verbally and in writing. Participate in a monthly call-in with management staff. Inform the Lead Program Director and other ACR Management of all concerns that are out of compliance with policy and procedure, issues related to possible harassment or discrimination, staff concerns that may require disciplinary action, employee work related injuries or other possible insurance claims, employee work restrictions, leave requests, negative interactions with guardians, case managers, neighbors, school, or day program, Vulnerable Adult Reports or Incident Reports, significant changes in resident behavior or health, any threats to health and safety, essential appliance malfunctions or any other concerns about which your supervisor should be informed. 9. Work Effectively with Guardians and Case Managers
Strive to facilitate a positive, interactive business relationship with the residents’ guardians and case managers. Facilitate their participation in annual and semi-annual meetings. Seek their input and approval regarding CSSPA changes in keeping with changes in resident needs. Listen and respond to their input and concerns. 10. Demonstrate Leadership
Adhere to ACR’s leadership philosophy and training in all aspects of your work, including the MTAAALLP and OSDV leadership models and other leadership concepts with regard to resident well-being, personnel and household management and other company business. Demonstrate leadership and creativity in problem resolution and in proposing new ideas for programming, resident care and household tasks. 11. Follow Through with Required Paperwork
Ensure timely and accurate completion of required documentation, reports, applications and other paperwork with regard to resident, staff and household issues. Complete the following forms/ documents and turn into Lead PD the first week of every month: Hours Tracking, Year at a Glance, Consent Tracking, Contacting Licensing, House Checklists, etc.
Turn in financial paperwork including staff timesheets, reimbursements, and change of status forms according to deadlines. Complete required paperwork according to deadlines established by your supervisor. 12. Work Effectively with Coworkers
You must work with coworkers as a team player. When problems or emergencies arise you must be willing and able to adapt to the needs of the group in the working environment. 13. Participate in Training and Development.
A. Follow the DCP job description direction relating to training and development, and participate in other training and development as directed by the lead program director.
B. Assist as requested in training new employees, including teaching RS Internship classes as directed by Lead PD.
C. Participate in performance reviews of your work. 14. Uphold Core Values
Follow the DCP Job Description directives for upholding core values. 15. Present a Positive Attitude and Professionalism
Follow the DCP Job Description for presenting positive attitude and professionalism. 16. Carry a Cell Phone, Manage the House Mail, Voice Mail and E-Mail
Be the primary contact responsible for the cell phone, voice mail and/or email unless delegated with PD approval. Be responsible for the house on-call number in which you carry a cell phone to ensure that you or another person you designate provides coverage twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Ensure that all household and resident mail and office mail is opened and responded to and/or filed in a timely and appropriate manner. Respond to calls and text messages in an appropriate timeframe according to the nature of the message, or by the end of the business day for voice mail messages. Manage the house voice mail and email accounts, oversee the timely retrieval and response throughout each business day. Be on-call at least one weekend a month, and when on-call adhere to requirements regarding staying within sixty minutes of the home, and having alternate care available for children and/or pets as needed, should an emergency arise. 17. Adhere to Company Policies
Adhere to all company policies as stated in the current ACR Employee Handbook, the Supervisory Manual and the Policy Book located in each house.

18. Accept other Duties as Assigned by a Superior and/or as Indicated by Salary Agreement.

19. Report Illegal Activity
Report any illegal activity that you observe or are somehow otherwise aware of to a superior. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFICATIONS
You must possess all of the requirements and qualifications listed under this same section of the DCP Job Description.

PLACES WHERE WORK IS PERFORMED: In all places listed in the DCP job description and the ACR Main Office.

PREPARATION OF JOB DESCRIPTION: This job description was prepared from observing the work in process and from information provided by ACR RSs and PDs. It was prepared by Kristin Pitchford, HR Director of Policy & Compliance, and Lead Program Directors with ACR Homes, and is updated from time to time.