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Staff Resources

Employees seeking counseling or financial assistance may find the following resources helpful.

*Please note that all referral lists and links are compiled by ACR as helpful resources without direct knowledge of these providers. Please vet and use these links at your own discretion. Thank you!

Employee Financial Assistance 

ACR SAFE (Staff Agenda Fund for Emergencies)- The SAFE Fund is a way for ACR employees to lend a helping hand to co-workers in financial crisis due to unforeseen emergencies such as illness, fire, or accidents. We understand that money can’t solve every problem, but we hope to lend support to whatever efforts the staff is making. Helping co-workers in need fits with ACR’s core values and has a positive impact on the tone and morale in our homes.

Any ACR employee may make a written application for assistance from the fund and explain the need as well as their own efforts to solve the problem. Recipients must be ACR employees at the time of application and receipt of SAFE funds. Gifts are awarded to recipients for personal emergencies only; SAFE funds cannot be extended for pet emergencies or funeral-related expenses. Awards will be determined at the sole discretion of the SAFE employee committee; ACR management will not direct gifting decisions. Identifying information will be covered to create anonymity for SAFE committee review. Awards typically range from $100-$500 and are considered “gifts” and are not taxable to the recipient.