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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for current employees here! 

How to be an On-Campus recruiter

Looking for some extra cash while in school? Love ACR and want to send more hard workers our way? Become an on-campus recruiter! Earn "points" to redeem for cash and prizes by doing speaking opportunities, hanging flyers--the amount of work you put in is up to you! Contact Brianna at if you are a U of M student, and Phil Baumgarn at for all other schools.

What is our current Employee referral bonus?

Our ongoing employee referral bonus  is $500--a great incentive to tell your friends, family, and classmates about ACR!

How do I apply for an RC and RS position as a current employee

There are different ways to become a RC (Residential Coordinator) and RS (Residential Supervisor) ! If you're already an employee, you can call the main office at 651-415-9991 to schedule an interview. Easy as that! Learn more about those positions on our Positions & Pay page. 

Nursing Career opportunities at ACR

There are a few different ways to have a nursing career at ACR homes! There are Case Manager RN (Registered Nurse) positions, Shift RNs and LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurse)! Many of our case manager RNs started out doing direct care! Through all of these positions there are flexible hours and opportunity to help people! Head over to the "Positions and Pay" page for more details!

What are the benefits of living in?

Free living expenses? Free rent? No commute? Right outside of the Twin-Cities? Up to 3-bedroom housing? Whether you are looking to be an RC (Residential Coordinator) or RS (Residential Supervisor) these are amazing living in benefits!

What's Arthur's Senior Care and can I work there?

Aurther's Senior Care has two homes that specialize and assist in residents with Alzheimer's and other types of dementia. Arthur's staff ARE ACR Homes staff. The training is similar to that of ACR employees working in our group homes, but does have some additional, specific requirements. To learn more visit their website:

How can I make more in my direct care role?

Awake nights, shift differentials for working different shifts, and employee referrals! There are many ways for you to gain a little more in the direct care position!

How to start an internship

First step first! Head over to the internship information page to see testimonials and to get more info. Second step second! Send an email to to ask questions or to schedule a meeting to learn more or get started.

What options do I have for my GAP YEAR?

Why spend a GAP year at ACR? Get paid to gain amazing, hands on, applicable experience to understand yourself and positions better. Full-time e-floating, internships, or even RC or RS positions are popular options to gain immense experience while saving up some money during your Gap Year. Head over to:

What is NICE healthcare?

In addition to ACR's health care plan there is another plan accompanies our traditional PreferredOne coverage called NICE. This healthcare option allows you to have virtual (or home) visits and care for anything from the common cold to physicals.

How to pick up more hours this summer?

You can ask your RS (Residential Supervisor) about picking up positions in your home and/or picking up more shifts in other houses! The Solana time tracking program allows employees to see Open Shifts at other homes they're eligible for. In addition, join the Employee Facebook group to see other openings and available shifts.

What is the difference between being a float vs e-float?

Floats work as Direct Care Professionals in houses where they are needed, they get their schedule a week before their supposed to work!

E-Floats are  given 24 hours' notice of their shift in a house that needs them!

Both float types have higher rates of pay due to the flexibility and commuting needed. In addition, E-floats are eligible for $10,000 in Quarterly Bonuses!

What's a 401K and do you have one?

A 401(k) is your retirement plan! Both part-time and full-time employees are eligible! ACR is in"vested" in your retirement! Learn more about your eligibility and vesting here: !

Resume tips- how to highlight ACR on your resume

Pro Tip! If you go to the position descriptions and use key words from your position on your resume! Talk about numbers as much as possible and keep your points short and to the point!