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Mission and Philosophy

It is our core belief that human life is intrinsically valuable; it is therefore our goal at ACR to provide the best possible physical and emotional support to individuals whom we support in order that they may lead fulfilling lives.  We've put the key concepts we use to accomplish our mission right in the name, "ACR", which stands for Acceptance, Communication, and Respect.



ACR strives to provide care so that each individual feels valued for who they are, in happy times as well as in challenging times.  It is ACR's goal to provide an atmosphere where each individual feels understood, supported, and secure.   We endeavor to help people relax and be themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Each person supported by ACR will have a care plan which is written with input from the individual and his/her family.  Ideally, the care plan will support personal independence, health, security, interests, choice, social inclusion, relationships, satisfaction, rights, dignity, and respect.


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All people are communicating all the time; limitations on the ability to speak and write do not mean a person cannot communicate.  It is important to observe, acknowledge, and listen to the verbal and non-verbal cues of the people we serve, supporting their communication in the mode, pace, and time frame of their choosing.  In doing so, we seek to understand each individual's unique thoughts, interests, requests, preferences, and emotional and physical needs by listening to input from them and their family.  We support and facilitate each person's communication style, and strive to preserve dignity and worth through that by helping them to be accurately understood.  We respond to each individual's communication respectfully so as to convey to each individual our awareness of their intrinsic value.



We demonstrate respect by the way we speak and listen, and attend to cues.

We also show respect by appreciating, supporting and responding positively to the communication style of each person we support.  We seek to understand, respect, and facilitate each resident’s personal agenda within the context of the rights and interests of other people living in the home as well as professional boundaries and licensing requirements, recognizing that each individual has a different perspective as to what feels supportive.  Respect is also conveyed by helping each individual to more fully participate in the community as independently as possible, and by recognizing the importance and pre-eminence of family relationships in the lives of people we support. We strive to recognize and support boundaries and preferences of the individual and involved family members without judgment, as long as they are within health and safety parameters, and within the context of the home setting and available resources, and are respectful of the rights of housemates and staff.

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Core Values Statement:


It is ACR's core belief that all human life is intrinsically valuable. The value of life is not diminished because a person is disabled, unborn or near the end of life. Value is not determined by whether the person is independent or totally dependent on others. It is not based on productivity or on physical or intellectual potential or accomplishments. Value is not dependent on whether a person has family relationships or friendships. It is not contingent on being wanted, loved or admired. Human life is intrinsically valuable and worthy of dignity and respect simply because it exists.

ACR's core values statement is central to everything we do and every decision we make.