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Employment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose to work at ACR Homes?

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional care for the people with disabilities we support, and that starts with having happy and well-trained staff! We provide paid training for all functions of this job, and will train you to do really meaningful work--in a medical or behavioral group home setting, your choice! ACR provides community events, mentorship for new employees, internship opportunities, opportunities for advancement, and pre-health networking and resources. We hope you'll join our team! 

What does a Direct Care Professional (DCP) do?

DCPs perform tasks that assist residents in their daily lives. This can vary from home-to-home. In some of our homes that support individuals who are higher-functioning staff provide direction and support as well as therapeutic behavior management. In our homes that support individuals who are more medically-fragile, care can range from total-care to some assistance.

What does "ACR" stand for?

ACR stands for Acceptance, Communication and Respect which are the key concepts behind ACR’s philosophy of care. This philosophy of care requires a consistency of staffing to understand and support the unique needs of each resident. Direct care professionals at ACR are typically assigned to a group home where they become part of a team to provide consistent ongoing care for the residents in that home who typically require 24-hour care 7 days a week.

How long are shifts? How much is required for part-time?

Most shifts are 8 hours long, but we do have some homes that have short 6-9am or 6-9:30am morning shifts. Part-time staff are required to do 2 shifts per week at certain homes, while others do require 2-3 shifts/month. 

Can I work less then that?

Yes! Once you have worked for at least 9 months, you can apply for casual on-call status. Many of the people ACR supports have complex conditions and unique communication styles--it takes consistent work to pick up on the specific needs and routines of the people you are supporting. The residents look forward to working with familiar, experienced staff!

I can't work weekends/Sunday mornings due to other obligations. Can I still work for ACR?

ACR provides services 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. We ask that all direct care professional staff pitch in and take a fair share of weekend shifts. Some exceptions may be made for full-time employees at certain placements. 

Why do I need a vehicle?

Our staff facilitate resident outings including trips to events, errands, and medical appointments. While most homes have a vehicle available for transporting residents, we often have more than one resident who needs transportation at the same time. When that happens, staff use their personal vehicles are reimbursed for mileage. For U of M, North Central, and UWRF students, there may be options for using ACR’s Employee Transportation Program.

What is ACR's dress policy?

We don’t require staff to wear scrubs. We do expect staff to wear clothing that will be comfortable for staff-resident interactions while still professional looking. Staff receive more details on the dress policy in their initial training.

Have any further Questions?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.