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Here's what we're looking for from Employees    at ACR Homes/Arthur's Senior Care

  • A positive "team player" attitude
  • Responsibility, punctuality
  • Good judgment and attention to detail
  • Flexibility and creative problem solving skills
  • A willingness to listen and learn
  • Stress tolerance: be ready for fast-paced shifts that require focus and multitasking
  • Part-time requires a minimum of 10 shifts/month (2-3 shifts/week) and full-time requires a minimum of 38 hours/week

ACR Homes is an EEO/AA Employer

Arthur's Senior Care is staffed by ACR Homes

Download paper application below


Ready to apply? Follow our quick 2 step process! Fill out our quick application and then schedule your own virtual interview!

Step 1- Complete our ACR Homes Application!

*Even if you applied on Indeed

*Please note that you will be prompted to schedule your interview after application is submitted. To avoid duplicate applications, please don't submit application until you're ready to get that interview scheduled as well or be prepared to bookmark the page so you can return to appointment scheduling. Thank you! 

ACR Homes Employment Application


As an alternative to completing the online ACR Homes Employment Application, you may optionally download, print and complete a paper-based version.

What ACR Employees Say About Their Work

"At its core ACR is about people. We serve people with disabilities and to provide those services, we need kind, smart, joyful people to work with them."

~Ryan McLaughlin, Senior Residential Supervisor

"Becoming a direct care professional with ACR Homes was honestly the BEST decision I have ever made. I was not only able to work and accumulate over 2400 hours of health care experience, but also discovered who I am, what gives me the most personal and professional fulfillment, and where I want to go with my next major step in life."
~Laura Richardson

"I feel like I am making a huge impact and difference in the residents' lives at ACR!"
~Renae Sloth, RN

"I love telling people about how great my job is at ACR, not just because I'm paid to better the lives of others, but because my fellow ACR staff and leaders are concerned about my well-being."
~Gabe Larson

"In my work at ACR I've developed into a leader who can efficiently and effectively communicate with physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses and hospital staff so that my residents receive the best possible care."
~Megan Petermann

"The most important thing I learned with ACR Homes is how to respect every person no matter what."
~Olivia Schultz

"[Residents of ACR] turned me from a scared 18 year old design student into a confident advocate for the special needs community."
~Jordan Crosser

"I'm not telling you it's easy, but I am telling you it's definitely worth it."
~Megan Petermann