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Initial Training at ACR

"I like to let new staff know that they have their coworkers and supervisors support through the training process and beyond. No one wants to see you succeed more than your coworkers and if you’re successful, that benefits the residents which is everyone’s top priority. Also it’s never too late to ask questions! Everyone is always learning regardless of if they’ve been working 6 months or 6 years!"

– Mya, current employee

We equip all new employees with extensive training to ensure they feel confident and competent with the new skills they are learning. That means that when you start your employment at ACR Homes, you're embarking on your training process FIRST!

Our employees have told us that working with people with disabilities can be some of the most personally rewarding work but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We recognize that being a direct care staff comes with challenges which is why we created an extensive training program that teaches you the problem solving skills you need to how to handle anything that might get thrown at you. You’re never alone during this process, and we’re always there to help with anything you might need.

Training at ACR is different for everyone and is specifically designed for the needs of each particular home. It takes time and commitment for things to truly click, but once it does, you’ll never be the same. You might be taking classes before or after you meet your supervisor and the residents, depending on their schedule. Training to be a direct care staff is training to be a custom caretaker, and that means not everything is systematic.

Just remember: if you ever have any questions or concerns about your training, reach out to anyone at the office, and we’ll take care of you.

My first shadow shift, my co-worker told me to give it a solid 3 months before deciding if it was too overwhelming because it takes a good while to get a routine down. I think if I had acted impulsively I would’ve quit early on, but I listened to her advice and by the third month I was in love with the job ☺️ sticking out the tough training phase is SO worth it!

– Kalli, current employee 

“Just take it one step at a time. I remember being scared about all the medical stuff and fearing I would forget a lot, but that's why we have coworkers and RS's to always ask questions and to learn from each other. Plus, eventually all the training and routines will become second nature. I always tell new hires that nothing is ever graceful in the beginning and that's okay!”

– Shae, current employee

Placement Call

We have a variety of homes at ACR and are sure to find the right fit for you based on what you're looking for! We have medical homes, more behavioral homes, and many homes that have a little of both. When you speak to our placement coordinator during your scheduled placement call, you'll discuss what type of experience you are looking for, what geographic area you'd like to work in, as well as the schedule you're looking for. From there the placement coordinator will find the home for you and you'll receive your placement at your initial training session.

Initial Training Group Session

With the help of our training coordinator, this training will be the start of your employment at ACR Homes. You'll complete your initial employment paperwork, learn what home you'll be based on for your employment, and the two of you will map out your initial training process. Yes, it's a process but it is paid training--$2 less per hour throughout training--and it'll help you feel ready to tackle direct care once it's complete!

Here's an overview of what the training will look like:

Job Training consists of approx. 60 hours of paid training divided into the 3 categories below


Video Training - from home, school, etc.

We have divided our videos into "colors" for reference. Each color reflects a series of videos (some a few minutes long, some up to an hour, etc.) that will provide training on healthcare and other relevant topics specifically for the home you'll be based at. These videos can be completed any time of day or night at your convenience, with these training completion goals to work towards.

  • Yellow Videos- due 5 days from employment start
  • Red Videos- due 10 days from employment start
  • Blue Videos- due 15 days from employment start
  • Green Videos- due 20 days from employment start
  • Med Admin Videos- due 25 days from employment start



Classes - at our ACR Office in Roseville

The classes are taught by our ACR Homes Pod Instructors and developed with help from our ACR Nursing Team. You'll work with our training coordinator to pick class times that work for your schedule. Classes are offered at a variety of times and variety of days - evenings, weekends, and days.

  • American Heart Association First Aid (2 hours) & CPR (4 hours) -- if you're already certified, no need to do this again until you're due. The good news is we are paying you to get this important certification!
  • Medical Equipment (1-4.5 hours) - training specifically to your home, if applicable.
  • Medication Documentation (3.5 hours)
  • Medication Administration (4 hours)
  • Physical Interventions for Behaviors -- if applicable (3 hours)
  • Nurse test-out (1.5-5 hours, dependent on home)
Direct Care professional is putting AFO leg brace on person with disability. Allowing them to gain experience in patient care which helps them get into occupational therapy school.

In-home training - at your new base home

Throughout your training you'll have the opportunity to go out to your home to meet your supervisor and your residents for the first time. This is the fun part, though of course it's all going to be new so can be overwhelming at first.

  • House orientation & house tour with your supervisor
  • Quizzes on resident care plans and protocols
  • Shadow shifts with other staff where you get to take it all in
  • Test-outs at the end of training to ensure you feel comfortable with all you've learned.


Initial Training Frequently Asked Questions

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