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ACR Open Sourced

Share your ideas with ACR Open Sourcing!

How does a $5000 Bonus sound? ACR encourages collaborative thinking through an employee suggestion program called “Open Sourcing.”

From the start, ACR’s founders Jim and Dorothy Nelson sought to make the most of employee insight and creativity by soliciting their input on how to provide the best possible care for the people we support. Research shows that having this kind of direct feedback has helped build some of the best organizations in the world.


Employee Suggestion Program at Work

The Open Sourcing program at ACR has generated employee ideas for improving everything from office systems, to employee training, to client care. Here are a few winners over the years:

  • In 2008, ACR opened a coffee shop next to its administrative office called J Arthur's Coffeehouse where residents and staff could come and enjoy a cup of coffee in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Ever since then, residents and their staff have enjoyed stopping by to socialize with office staff and with each other.
  • In 2010, ACR created ID cards for all residents. For those who don’t have a driver’s license, everyday situations like going to the doctor, the pharmacy, or the airport can be complicated. Photo IDs have helped make everyday life a little easier for the people we support.
  • An HR employee won the grand prize for a cost saving idea relating to new employee background checks.
  • A supervisor was recognized for identifying and helping to implement some specific improvements to employee video training.


Here's How the Open Sourcing Program Works:


All ACR employees are welcome and encouraged to submit observations and suggestions to opensourcing@acrhomes.com. Submit as many ideas as you like throughout the year.

  • The observations can be about any department or program within ACR or Arthur’s Residential Care.
  • An ACR management team meets monthly to review suggestions. All sincere observations and ideas are considered and if they are workable we will implement them. Even if they are not workable due to lack of resources of other constraints, but they may spark other ideas and solutions.
  • A winner (or two) is selected every month, and from among these top submissions a grand prize winner will be chosen in December of each year for a $3000 bonus. (Note: this bonus subject to tax withholding and must be reported as taxable income.)

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