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ACR Positives Contest

Think Positively with our ACR Positives Contest!

Send a positive email every day that you want/are able (including weekends). Send to jimnelsonpositives@acrhomes.com. For 50% of days you send positives monthly, your name will be entered into a drawing one time. For 75% of days you will be entered a second time. For 90% of days you will be entered an additional two times.   Then if you turn in positives for every day of the month you will get a total of 6 entries in the $200 drawing.

Your positive email MUST be sent on the day of, only one entry per day from midnight to 11:59pm (you cannot send a week’s worth of positives at a time).

If you send positives for:

50%(15 days) of the days in a month you get 1 entry

75% (23 days) = 2 entries total

90% (27 days)=4 entries total

100% (30 days)= 6 entries total


What kind of positives should I share: You must send two positives per email. Both positives must relate to your work here at ACR. Feel free to share positives about residents, staff, guardians, team members, workplace positives, school, day program, co-workers, etc.

Where should I send these emails: jimnelsonpositives@acrhomes.com

Be sure you are sending to the correct email.

Fine print details:

Contest does not apply to interns and applicants who are required to send positives. Once these individuals are permanently placed in a position they can begin sending positives to be counted towards the contest.

•The winner must be employed with ACR at the time of the drawing.

•Monthly Prize is a taxable $200 bonus for DCPs which will be paid out as a payroll bonus or gift card winner may choose.

•Grand Prize is a taxable $1,000 bonus which will be paid out as a payroll bonus or gift card winner may choose.

•Now go on and start sending and sharing your positives. Because it’s contagious. Thankfully!

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