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High Quality Care

ACR Homes is well known for providing high quality, personalized, and respectful care for adults with disabilities living in 40+ group homes located across the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area of Minnesota. That same quality extends to seniors needing memory care and end-of-life care in our sister company, Arthur's Senior Care.

We are a versatile company, and we have expertise in a variety of areas. Currently, we support over 200 people, with over 130 of whom require wheelchair accessible homes. Many of those people have mobility and/or medical needs which require supports such as 2-person transfers, special diets, positioning, rang of motion therapies, tube feedings, ostomy care, supplemental oxygen, and diabetes. We serve over 25 people who require support for behavior issues and also have homes for people who have some level of independence.

In addition, we have homes for people who were injured later in life, who have chronic, degeneration diseases, and people who have significant physical limitation but no mental impairment.


ACR Homes provides staffing for Arthur's Senior Care. Because Arthur's is staffed by ACR, it shares the same great staffing and philosophy of care. With more than 35 years of experience in Alzheimer’s care, Arthur’s Senior Care is prepared to support people in all stages of the disease as well as those with other types of dementia. Arthur's can provide expert care for clients with conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS and ALS. Arthur’s provides 24-hour staffing with a minimum of a 1:3 staff to client ratio in two six-person homes in Roseville and Shoreview, Minnesota. Visit the Arthur's Senior Care website for more information.

Respectful Care

We receive many favorable comments about our care and support from the guardians and case managers with whom we work. People can see that our well trained staff regard the people we support as equals, and respect them as such.  One of our residents stated, “I have taken back my dignity at my ACR Home.” To be valued as a contributing member of society, with a vital role to play, is a very important component of self-worth, and is a feeling our residents attain at ACR.

As an extra bonus, many family members, case managers and licensors also comment on how our beautiful homes are decorated and maintained to reflect the individual interests and tastes of the people who live there. Also, by being good neighbors, we have been very successful in becoming an accepted part of the neighborhood in the communities where our homes are located.

Direct Care Professional with ACR Homes resident at a company event

Meeting Care Needs

Our commitment to support an individual is both a privilege and a responsibility that we take seriously.  If a person’s medical needs increase, we do our best to accommodate him/her within the same home or in another ACR home.  It is our goal to support people in all phases of their lives.

Interests and Activities

We focus on each individual based on their needs and interests. Our goal is to help people lead satisfying lives and pursue their independence and dreams. ACR works hard to plan and provide exciting events that people with disabilities can look forward to.  We hold dances and events at J. Arthur’s Coffee Shop, get people involved in community activities, and plan both small and large vacations. Many people will save up money for camps, for weekend trips to Duluth or the Wisconsin Dells, or for longer trips to Florida, Nashville, California, and the like. We also try to connect people who have similar interests for day-to-day activities as well as for trips.

About Our Staff

ACR has a workforce of over 900 full-time and part-time employees working at ACR group homes and Arthur's Senior Care. We seek employees from diverse backgrounds and employ people who are seeking meaningful work as well as those seeking patient care experience for future careers in healthcare. Our recruiting, hiring and training processes are unique to ACR Homes and form the foundation of our high standard of care. Jim Nelson, co-founder, CEO and a licensed psychologist, oversees our hiring process and hiring decisions. ACR Homes hires employees who have a heart for working with people with disabilities and the capacity to meet our high standards of care.


Comprehensive Training

No experience is required to work at ACR. Once staff are hired they complete a comprehensive training program that meets and exceeds all licensing requirements. This training includes extensive in-house training to ensure optimal care of the people we support.


Live-In Staff

To support our Core Values, we have live-in staff in each of our homes. Our homes are all built with a separate living space (typically a walkout level basement area) for the live-in staff and family (if any). This lends continuity and support for the household.



Highest Quality of Care

At ACR Homes, we believe that we define ourselves every time we offer a job to someone. We are committed to maintaining high hiring and performance standards for our staff, and we seek to provide the highest possible quality of care at all of our homes.

ACR is an EEO/AA Employer. ACR Homes is committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion in our recruiting, hiring, and professional development programs. We commit to ensuring an exceptional work experience for ALL employees where diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our goal of providing the best possible care.