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Employee Transportation Program

No car? Maybe we can help.


Having reliable employee transportation is a requirement of the Direct Care Professional position. But that's not always easy if you're a student, from out of state, or if don't want to worry about a car on top of school and work.

Employees who are University of Minnesota, North Central University, or UWRF students can sign up for ACR's Employee Transportation Program (ETP) for access to a car for getting to and from shifts at ACR.  This eliminates the need to pay for a parking spot (which can run from $90-$180/month!) Maintenance issues are not your problem, either!  It's also a great choice for the environment. AND, you don't have to shovel a car out after a snowstorm!


How the Employee Transportation Program Works

ETP Vehicles are parked in designated locations in Dinkytown and Stadium Village near the University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus and near campus at North Central and UWRF. Students who are enrolled in ETP can reserve vehicles through an automated website to use for their shifts at their ACR work location.

ACR guarantees it will meet all work-related vehicle requests from registered ETP users with a minimum of 48 hours advance notice for weekdays and 72 hour notice for Saturday/Sunday shifts. ETP users may also arrange for ride shares.

To qualify, employees must have a valid driver’s license and show proof of liability insurance before joining ETP. For more information contact

ETP vehicles are provided for the purpose of conducting ACR business only.

The Cost for Using the ETP Program

Employees enrolled in ETP pay $2.84 / hr to use an ETP vehicle for day and evening shifts and $0.50 per hour for awake night shifts paid by automatic payroll deduction.

Research from our accountants show that the cost of car ownership is about $8698/year, which is $167.26/week. An average ACR staff in the ETP working 3 days per week only pays $68.16 to “rent” a vehicle. Full-time Awake Nighters only pay $20 per week to rent an ETP vehicle! Those savings are huge!

There’s no charge for travel time to and from shifts, or for using an ETP vehicle to get to initial training or shadow shifts, or to shifts at certain home locations (see below.)

FREE Use for Specific Locations

Employees enrolled in the Employee Transportation Program have free car use to get to and from shifts are at some of the ACR homes in the following locations:

  • Andover
  • Brooklyn Center
  • Coon Rapids
  • Maple Grove
  • White Bear Lake Township


For a fun story about our ETP program check out this blog post on our newest ETP vehicle.

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