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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

There are two basic commitments you can expect from ACR:

1) Providing exceptional care to the people we support

2) Providing a safe, fun, respectful working environment for you as an ACR employee

ACR values diversity and inclusion, and hires people with a wide spectrum of political and religious views, racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities and sexual orientations, who are all united by the common goal of promoting Resident Agenda and providing exceptional care for the people with disabilities whom we support.

We are committed to be a workplace free of racism and discrimination where all employees feel safe at work. We are committed to ensuring the needs of all employees are being addressed and that diversity and inclusion is celebrated throughout our organization for both staff and residents.

Many employees who pursue work at ACR Homes are also preparing for future healthcare careers. We are an open and culturally inclusive workplace where healthcare workers of all backgrounds including underrepresented backgrounds can gain work and internship experience, while boosting resumes and applications through paid healthcare training, patient care experience, mentorship, and additional career related benefits.


"I actually was worried going into the medical field before ACR Homes for fear that I wouldn't be accepted or validated as a non-binary person. The acceptance I have felt from my bosses and fellow coworkers has been moving. ACR Homes has helped me to confirm my love for patient care, and has reinforced that I can be myself in medicine and patient care."

Mika, employee and former intern

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