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Students and Internships

Internship Program

ACR works alongside employees toward their educational and career goals. Internships at ACR will give your resume a boost and can help make your work experience here even more applicable for future career and educational goals. In addition, several ACR employees have been able to use their internships at ACR to obtain credit for internship experience at local colleges and universities while also being paid!



Students Ages 16 & 17

Become a Direct Care Assistant

When you get a job at ACR Homes, you join the ACR team! You become part of a tight-knit and fun-loving community, working together to provide the best possible care for people with disabilities.

We pair you up with a mentor to help you through training and answer any questions you may have, and make sure you don't feel like you're in this alone.

You'll also have access to community building events for ACR staff like Employee Appreciation Day and Wellness Day, as well as small groups for more specific interests like fitness groups and dog lover groups that help staff to meet coworkers with similar interests.

So don't worry, we're all in this together!


Employee Transportation Program

Having reliable employee transportation is a requirement of the Direct Care Professional position. But that’s not always easy if you’re a student, from out of state, or if you don’t want to worry about a car on top of school and work. Employees who are University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) or University of Wisconsin (River Falls) students can sign up for ACR’s Employee Transportation Program and pay a small hourly rate to access a car for getting to and from shifts at ACR Homes. This eliminates the need to pay for a parking spot, which can cost up to $180/month. Maintenance issues are not your problem either!

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

As a Direct Care Professional at ACR Homes, not only can you skip the expense and hassle of enrolling in a CNA training course, we will pay you for your training hours! If you already have CNA certification, the direct care hours you work at ACR can help you maintain that certification. Furthermore, ACR’s training for Direct Care Professionals goes above and beyond the requirements for CNA certification.

Students in healthcare degree programs that require patient care hours also find they can meet that requirement working at ACR. Plus they can gain incredible unique and significant experience and transferable skills. Direct Care Professionals at ACR Homes can perform many healthcare tasks that would require an LPN or RN certification in a hospital.

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Upcoming Events

From hiring bashes to networking events and study groups to benefits bashes, ACR has the perfect event for you to learn more about what opportunities ACR has to offer. Our hiring bashes are held at our coffee shop, J Arthur’s Coffee, with great food and prizes, and immediate on-site interview. You can also meet with healthcare professionals at one of our networking opportunities or meet up with other students to study for upcoming exams, like the MCAT. Learn more about all benefits of ACR Homes during our benefits bash.

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