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All Human Life is Intrinsically Valuable.

Mission and Philosophy

It is our core belief that human life is intrinsically valuable. It is our goal at ACR to provide the best possible physical and emotional support to the individuals whom we support so that they may lead fulfilling lives. We’ve put the key concepts we use to accomplish our mission right in our name, “ACR,” which stands for Acceptance, Communication and Respect.

High Quality Care

ACR is an expert at supporting individuals with unique healthcare needs. We currently support over 200 individuals, over 130 of whom require wheelchair accessible homes. Many of those individuals have mobility limitations or medical issues which require supports such as 2-person transfers, special diets, positioning, range of motion therapies, tube feedings, ostomy care, supplemental oxygen, and diabetes. Our outstanding staff, who are selected through a rigorous process developed by our founder, Jim Nelson, carry out all of this specialized care.


Our Homes

ACR homes have a warm and inviting atmosphere. The homes are decorated with each resident’s tastes, interests, and special needs in mind. All of our homes have their own unique style created by our in-house interior designer. At least one of our seven maintenance staff members is always on call in case of emergencies, and they keep our homes extremely well maintained.


ACR Homes provides staffing for Arthur's Senior Care. Because Arthur's is staffed by ACR, it shares the same great staffing and philosophy of care. With more than 35 years of experience in Alzheimer’s care, Arthur’s Senior Care is prepared to support people in all stages of the disease as well as those with other types of dementia. Arthur's can provide expert care for clients with conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS and ALS. Arthur’s provides 24-hour staffing with a minimum of a 1:3 staff to client ratio in two six-person homes in Roseville and Shoreview, Minnesota. Visit the Arthur's Senior Care website for more information.


ACR seeks feedback each year from clients and guardians in annual satisfaction surveys. Here is a sample of some of our typical feedback from our customers.

Having L with ACR has been a blessing and such a comfort to me and L's family. The quality of care, attention and respect is amazing.

The RS [Residential Supervisor] is always available for questions and/or concerns and addresses needs in a timely and considerate manner.

ACR has always delivered client centered planning and goals directed for the wants, needs and desires of the resident.

I like the leisure logs. ACR is the only provider I work with who has such detailed logs, being for away, I appreciate knowing what is going on in B's life so I can have things to talk to her about.

ACR is very involved with getting residents out and about, hosting special events and encouraging a social life for residents.

I did not realize just how poor the care was for D before coming to ACR. i wish we had found you first, but you are here now and we feel lucky to have you. THANK YOU ALL!

S is always perfectly groomed and dresses. Hospital staff always comment on how well taken care of she is regarding the condition of her skin.

I appreciate the quality of care that ACR provides. The staff members are genuine and care about the people they work with and who they are helping.

When we tell people who are aware of group home companies that we are with ACR, the comment is they are the best. We agree!!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ACR Homes.

Who can I talk to about their experiences with ACR?

We have a number of parents who are willing to talk with people who are interested in ACR Homes. Call Deb Nygaard, Director of Program Development, at 651.294.4704 for a list of names and phone numbers.

Are there visiting hours?

Families and friends of the people we support are encouraged to visit whenever possible. We are also able to facilitate family gatherings by offering to transport our clients to their family and friends’ homes. It is not necessary to set up an appointment before visiting, but family members might want to give a call to make sure their loved one is home. We go out frequently!