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Maintenance Route Staff (position not currently available)

Maintenance and Construction Crew members provide maintenance and landscaping for ACR's homes and offices in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area. Employees are given access to a company vehicle to commute to assigned daily work locations where they will complete a maintenance checklist. The ideal candidate would possess a high level of ethical responsibility, friendly communication, the ability to work independently, complete their maintenance tasks, and have organization skills. A knack for hands-on work and handyman skills are encouraged. A background in painting/drywall, minor electrical and plumbing, or landscaping is a plus.


$2000 hiring bonus for full-time | $1000 hiring bonus for part-time | Affordable benefits are available to full-time employees.

Employment Information:

Rate of Pay:

Part-time starting at $20+/hour

Full-time starting at $22 - $25/hour DOE


+ receive a stipend of $50/day or $150/full weekend for on call work.

Any maintenance hours worked during weekends on call will be paid at time and a half.


**Hiring Bonus: $2000 60 days from training completion for FT, $1000 for PT**

Employment Type:
Part-time or Full-Time

Suburban Twin Cities

Benefits Information:

Full-time employees are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Traditional Medical package offered through PreferredOne (NICE Healthcare included at no cost*)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Long-term disability and life insurance benefits
  • Voluntary short-term disability and supplemental life insurance
  • Paid time off (PTO)



  • Entry Level
  • Rotating Weekend On-Call availability
  • Basic knowledge with electrical, plumbing, drywall repair
  • Must be able to work independently and self-starter
  • Complete Maintenance Route Assignments
  • Maintain Related Documentation and Communication
  • Float Days
  • Provide Maintenance Emergency Response and On-Call Service
  • Seek and Follow the Advice and Directions of Supervisors
  • Interact with Residents
  • Work Effectively with Coworkers
  • Adhere to Scheduling Policies
  • Participate in Training and Development
  • Uphold Core Values
  • Present a Professional and Positive Attitude
  • Maintain a Professional Appearance
  • Drive a Company Vehicle
  • Adhere to Company Policies and Procedures
  • Accept other Duties as Assigned by a Superior
  • Carry a cell phone, manage voice mail and E-mail
  • Report Illegal Activity


  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a valid U.S. driver’s license, reliable transportation and a good driving record
  • You must be able to do some lifting
  • You must be able to work independently and you must have interpersonal skills including empathy, responsibility, self-control, good judgment, and overall adjustment
  • You must be able to see, hear, speak, interact, and write in English sufficiently to perform the essential functions of the position
  • Full-time employees must work at least 38 hours per week

This is intended as a summary; additional functions and requirements are stated in the full job description below

ACR Homes is an EEO/AA Employer

Maintenance and Construction Crew Member Description and Requirements


REPORTS TO: Maintenance Supervisor

PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: To aid in the maintenance and construction operations of the Company, including but not limited to maintaining and construction of homes for individuals with developmental disabilities and other disabilities, and other company property.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The following functions have been determined by the Company to be essential to the successful performance of this position.

1. Perform Maintenance and Construction Tasks

Perform maintenance and construction tasks assigned to you by your supervisor. These tasks may include (but are not limited to) carpentry, construction labor, painting, drywall, plumbing repairs, mechanical repairs, appliance repairs, landscaping, demolition, concrete and masonry, moving of equipment, furniture and housewares, removal and hauling of refuse, snow removal. All work, including any admin, must be done on-site (at the designated ACR Home, the ACR office or the ACR shop) and during designated hours (as outlined under point 9.) No work will be done at your personal home unless you have prior approval from a supervisor. No ACR property should be stored at a non-company home except those items that stay in the company van.

2. Complete Maintenance Route Assignments

Follow an assigned route to provide regular maintenance to designated company facilities. At each designated work site you will complete a Maintenance Checklist and address items on the maintenance website for that facility. Arrive to the worksite at the scheduled time; call if you will be late. Work for the entire scheduled duration of two days of at least 7 hours each day, unless directed by a maintenance supervisor to do otherwise.

When doing a scheduled route visit, call the Residential Supervisor between 8:30am and 5pm on the business day before you begin (so, the Friday before if the visit is for a Monday); the purpose of that call is to set a starting time and to discuss maintenance requests and concerns. Based on that information, pick up needed supplies on the way to the site. If upon arrival at the facility you realize you need additional supplies, do not leave the worksite, but arrange to pick up those supplies either at the end of the first day at that site or on your return trip the second day unless directed to do otherwise by a maintenance supervisor.

3. Maintain Related Documentation and Communication

At each worksite use the checkin/checkout system to document your activity. It is required that you use the house phone to complete these checkins/checkouts unless you are at a store, the office or the shop. You are to check in first thing when you arrive at a location and checkout if you leave that location for any reason, and then check in at the next location. At the end of each day or the beginning of the next day, complete your daily log on the maintenance website as well as indicate how many store visits you went on and what was purchased. At the end of your final day at a designated worksite, note on the Maintenance website the items completed and also communicate this to the Residential Supervisor in person or by voicemail. Also complete the maintenance checklist via Sharepoint. If you were unable to complete all items on the maintenance checklist, you will need to make notes as to why. Each checklist items must have some kind of notation on it.

4. Float Days

When on a designated “float” day or on call, organize and prioritize your work efficiently, and respond to maintenance emergencies as directed by your supervisor. All requirements for route days must also be done on float days, including performing checkins/checkouts, updating the maintenance website regarding your work activities, updating your log, and calling ahead between the hours of 830am and 5pm to let the RS know your schedule in advance.

5. Provide Maintenance Emergency Response and On-Call Service

Accept emergency on-call duties on evenings, weekends and holidays as directed by your supervisor and remain within 60 minutes of the office while you are on-call so that you can respond in a reasonable timeframe. On-call hours during evenings are from 5pm to 8:30am and during weekends from 4pm Friday to 8:30am Monday. Once the rotating on-call schedule is written and distributed by the Maintenance Supervisor, you must find a replacement for yourself if schedule conflicts or emergencies arise. If you receive calls for emergency maintenance help when you are not on-call, refer them to the maintenance on-call phone number. During your on-call weekends do not drive the company van for personal use; if you are out and about and need to respond to a call, go home to retrieve the company van except in cases where you do not need tools—then you may drive your personal vehicle and those miles should be submitted for reimbursement.

6. Seek and Follow the Advice and Directions of Supervisors

You must seek the advice of your supervisor when you have questions concerning the performance of the functions of your job. You must follow directions and assignments given by a superior concerning performance of functions of this position.

7. Interact with Residents

In the course of your work in ACR’s facilities, talk to and interact with residents respectfully and professionally and be sensitive to resident verbal and non-verbal communication. Model appropriate attitude, self-control, self-discipline, cooperation, tone of voice, language and usage. Respect the house, furnishings and clothes as residents'. Be attentive to and respect residents’ desires and cues for personal space and privacy.

8. Work Effectively with Coworkers

You must work with coworkers as a team player. You must communicate with coworkers both verbally and in writing. When problems or emergencies arise you must be willing and able to adapt to the needs of the group in the working environment.

9. Adhere to Scheduling Policies

Your schedule needs to mesh with business hours at designated work sites. Therefore, except for on-call and emergency calls, your start time should be between 8 and 9 a.m. and your end time between 4 and 5pm Monday through Friday. Phone calls should also fall between 8:30am and 5pm Monday through Friday. Plan to arrive to scheduled worksites at the scheduled time; call if you will be late and notify your supervisor of scheduling changes. When emergencies arise or you are unable to work a scheduled shift or attend a scheduled staff meeting, you must notify your supervisor.

10. Participate in Training and Development

Complete all initial training requirements within 60 days of hire. Complete annual training in a timely fashion including Safety Training, CPR, First Aid, OSHA, Vulnerable Adults training and any additional training required or requested by your supervisor. Attend staff meetings and other meetings as requested. Assist as requested in training new employees. Participate in performance reviews of your work. ACRJobMtxCrew 7.25.2017 3

11. Uphold Core Values

Understand and uphold the Company’s Core Value statement at all times while on duty, regardless of personal practices and beliefs.

12. Present a Professional and Positive Attitude

Maintain confidentiality and professionalism regarding all Company information (within the home, between ACR homes and outside the company) regarding resident, staff and company issues. This also means refraining from discussing resident personal issues in front of residents and refraining from inappropriate comments or gossip.

13. Maintain a Professional Appearance

Maintain a professional appearance while on duty or on premises, including the use of professional language and postures as well as appropriate footwear and clean and neat clothing and hairstyles that are in accordance with ACR’s dress policy for maintenance staff and that are appropriate for scheduled activities.

14. Drive a Company Vehicle

Drive to worksites and perform job-related errands in a company van or, when necessary, in your personal vehicle. Adhere to company parking policy, and all applicable OSHA and safety requirements.

15. Adhere to Company Policies and Procedures

Adhere to all company policies as stated in the current Employee Handbook and in other policy notices.

16. Accept other Duties as Assigned by a Superior.

17. Report Illegal Activity

Report to a supervisor any illegal activity that you observe or otherwise become aware of.


1. You must possess the following character traits:

A. Judgment: you must possess judgment and decision-making skills sufficient to perform the functions of the job, in both day to day and crisis situations.

B. Independence: you must be self-sufficient and resourceful enough to carry out the functions of the position. The position requires you to be adept at decision-making, problem solving and taking initiative with minimal direction from supervisors. You must be able to recognize what needs to be done and to prioritize work with minimal direction from supervisors.

C. Responsibility: You must be responsible in carrying out the functions of the position. You must be reliable in quality of work, attention to details, task completion and follow up. You must be responsible for timely completion of required training. You must be responsible for being punctual. You must be responsible for adhering to scheduling policies and for time management while on the job.

D. Communication: you must be able to communicate effectively with clients, coworkers, supervisors and others related to your work. You must be able to listen effectively and perceive interests, needs and concerns of those with whom you are working, and take initiative in communicating to others in ways that maximize the interests and well-being of persons being supported.

E. Positive Tone and Morale: You must be able to contribute a positive tone and morale to the workplace in order to perform the functions of the position. You must present a positive and professional attitude toward the residents, toward your coworkers, toward your work and toward the Company. You must be able work with coworkers as a team player, and you must be willing to help out when problems and emergencies arise.

F. Empathy: you must understand the feelings of others. This character trait is critical in working effectively with individuals with disabilities.

G. Self-control: Employees must be able to exercise and model self-control and self-discipline in their interactions with both residents and coworkers sufficient to perform the functions of the job. The work environment can be emotionally challenging due to resident behavior issues, crises, and the every-day needs of the residents. You must be able to control emotions and temper.

H. Socialization: You must be able to accept and conform to rules and regulations of the company and the position. The position requires that you adhere to company policies, safety and conduct rules and other procedures and regulations. You must be able to cooperate, work and communicate with coworkers, supervisors and office staff. Your socialization skills must also be sufficient to guide and motivate residents to become appropriately involved in the mainstream of community living and to perform all other functions of the position.

I. Stress tolerance: you must be able to function effectively under stressful conditions. This position is often stressful due to crises, emergency situations, resident behavior issues, regulatory requirements and inspections. You must be able to maintain self-composure and work effectively and professionally under these conditions.

2. You must possess the following physical agilities:

A. Seeing: sufficient vision to perform the functions of the job. Normal or corrected-to-normal vision is sufficient.

B. Hearing: sufficient hearing to perform the functions of the job.

C. Speaking: sufficient verbal skills to communicate effectively at an understandable level with a wide range of individuals and agencies, both in person and on the telephone.

D. Interaction: You must have the ability to effectively interact, both verbally and non-verbally, with residents, other staff, parents, and on behalf of residents in the community.

E. Writing: You must have writing skills sufficient to perform the functions of the job.

F. Math skills: must have basic math and money skills sufficient to conduct business transactions and to maintain required documentation.

G. Mobility: sufficient to perform the functions of the job.

3. You must have maintenance and construction skills sufficient to perform the functions of the job.

4. You must have a valid driver's license and be able to drive a company vehicle. You must be able to park vehicles according to the company parking policy.

5. You must have no record of DUI/DWI and no more than 2 moving violations and no more than one accident due to a violation in the last 36 months.

6. You must be able to perform awkward, heavy lifting of up to 70 pounds and you must be able to wear a back belt when required.

7. You must be willing to participate in drug and alcohol testing.

8. You must limit non-work-related phone use (including texting) and internet use to emergency or safety issues only, and when possible notify your supervisor in advance.

9. You must have the ability to learn Company structure, acronyms and medical terminology.

10. You must have the ability to organize, prioritize and complete multiple functions.

11. You must be able to adhere to Company policies as stated in the current employee handbook and other policies.

PLACES WHERE WORK IS PERFORMED: in and around the residents' homes, in and around the company’s offices and properties and around other work sites as directed by your supervisor.

PREPARATION OF JOB DESCRIPTION: This job description was prepared from observing the work in process and from information provided by maintenance supervisors. It was prepared by Kristin Pitchford, Director of HR Policy and Compliance with ACR Homes, and is updated from time to time.