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Flexible scheduling to meet academic and financial needs

We know you're busy!

ACR offers shifts 24/7 which means that homes are looking for care at all hours of the day and night. As a part-time employee of ACR Homes, we require just 10 shifts per month (or even 2 shifts/week at some homes!). Work a short morning shift before class, or choose to focus your work time on the weekends. Many of our night owls love to take advantage of the shift differentials offered to awake nights, who are then also able to make use of their downtime on their awake night shift to multi-task with studying.

Not just for students

We are also able to accommodate scheduling for those that are not students. With 10 shifts per month (or 2 shifts per week in some homes), those with other jobs, or stay-at-home or work-at-home parents can find opportunities at ACR as well.

“Working at ACR Homes I know I'm valued as an employee and that we are providing the best care to our residents. I love how my hours fit seamlessly with my family and I still consider myself a full time stay-at-home mom! Great TEAMWORK culture and always plenty of hours if you're looking for them and flexible.”

-Kaycee McAlpine

Scheduling is done one month in advance with the opportunity to make requests for varying scheduling needs. We try to support strong house teams where co-worker are willing to help each other out to swap shifts when conflicts arise.

Need even more scheduling flexibility?

Consider being a float or even a full-time e-float. Both of these positions offer higher rates of pay, and scheduling either the week or day before, depending on the position. These positions not only allow for scheduling flexibility, btu you get to work at a variety of ACR homes and meet incredible co-workers and residents across the company. Full-time e-floats are able to earn up to $60,000/year plus by taking advantage of overtime opportunities and shift differentials—which also includes $10,000 in yearly float bonuses (for the e-float position).

“ACR Homes has many houses to choose from and they place you with a home that fits well with your schedule, wants, and experience. I have been so impressed with the management and supervisors. The company values my work and time and accommodates to my busy schedule as a full time student. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for experience in health care.”

-ACR employee, anonymous online review

“As an employee, I feel like I am supported and taken care of through this company. I am a nursing student and ACR makes a point to work around my busy schedule and make me feel like I am a valued employee. In just a few short months, I have made so many great memories and connections with both my residents and my coworkers. I never would have imagined how much I would love my job here.”

-Ellen Schempp