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Plan and Participate in fun and memorable resident events

When we say “More than just a job”, we offer more than “just” an internship too. Whether you're doing an internship or direct care alone, you'll have the opportunity to plan and be part of many resident events. 

“My residents were all lovely. They liked to go for walks, I went to the movies with them–that was my favorite. Our house did a lot of day-to-day activities. Everyone had their own interests.”

- Madison Dupenthaler 


Employee Melissa Glynn works with four different residents with a range of physical, mental and emotional disabilities. Some of her regular responsibilities: helping them with daily cares, meal preparation, workouts and the administration of meds. In between, she takes them to appointments, family gatherings and fun destinations and assists with other tasks aimed at fostering independent and healthy lifestyles. A highlight last summer was accompanying a resident on a family lake house vacation, complete with bonfires, board games and boating.

Former Employee Bre Wallace was able to make her desire to start an art therapy group into an internship at ACR.

“In each session I had a different theme and art media that we worked with. For example one week I had them do a picture that described themselves. Another week we worked with Model Magic and I had each resident make a sculpture of objects that bring them comfort. At the end of each session, I had each resident share what they made in front of the group. I collected all of the art work to display at the art show.”

Getting residents involved in the community is a high priority on shifts at ACR. Whether it’s being involved in grocery shopping, meeting a friend or family member for coffee, or going to the apple orchard in the Fall, these are the regular occurrences you’ll be a part of at ACR.

In addition, we host big events each year such as our annual Spring Homecoming Week, Employee Appreciation Day, Talent Shows, Salon Day, and many others. These are all highly memborable events that residents—and also staff—look forward to and remember each one fondly.