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Beyond Flexible Hours & Competitive Pay:  Top Reasons to Love Awake Night Shifts

What position at ACR offers flexible hours and competitive pay, as well as time to pursue a few dreams? That would be the awake night shift.

Obviously, the main objective on awake night shifts is to ensure the residents’ well-being and manage household duties. After all, there’s a reason we need someone to stay awake!  But once everyone is asleep and the house is sparkling?  It’s pretty common to have a little free time to pursue some personal goals!  We polled a few awake-nighters at ACR to find out their best reasons for working the third shift.

Top Reasons to Love Working Awake Night Shifts at ACR

Top reasons after flexible hours to work awake nights

Top Reasons to work Awake Nights at ACR

Work while you’re not in class. The awake night shift is perfect for full-time students.

Get your homework done.  When the house work is done, hit your books.  The awake night job can be seriously good for your GPA!

Binge-watch Netflix. Need to catch up on Parks & Rec and The Office? This is your golden opportunity.

Introvert wonderland!

Catch up on reading.  When you’re done with the house checklist you can start in on your reading pile.

Write. Do some journaling, post a new blog, write a killer personal statement for your grad school application.

Have some personal reflection time.

Work out. Pop in a workout dvd, do a few body-weight circuits, practice yoga.  Exercise will keep you fit while keeping you awake!

Play video games.  Get the work done, then put on your headphones and get lost in your favorite video game. Well, not completely lost. Gotta leave one ear free to hear what’s going on in the house.

Cleaning.  Slightly obsessive about cleaning? Have it YOUR way on the awake night shift.

Rehearsal time.  Need to  get ready for a show, a concert, or a big presentation? Use your down time to memorize lines and practice.

Develop your portfolio. Whether you’re an artist, a videographer, or a serious investor, the awake night shift is your chance to tend to your portfolio. (We are loving this example from former full-time awake night Josh Palmer. See more of Josh’s work on facebook!)

Pay bills!  Lots of us are juggling school, incubating a new career, nurturing kids… The flexible hours and competitive pay on the awake night shift can help your dreams come true!


You can learn more about positions at ACR (including awake nights) HERE or your can APPLY TODAY!