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Can you do this with your IQ?

“Nice” and “smart” are key attributes ACR looks for in applicants.  In addition to that, since all of our positions include driving, employees also need a reliable form of transportation.  We noticed that was a problem for some.  Especially employees who are students at the University of Minnesota where a parking spot  can run from $75-$150/month!

ACR's employee transportation programs newest addition

The ETP’s newest addition: a Scion IQ. Seats 9! (sort of!)

To solve the problem, ACR came up with the  Employee Transportation Program (ETP.)  ACR’s ETP consists of a fleet of vehicles parked in designated locations in Dinkytown and Stadium Village near the University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus.   Employees who are U of M students can sign up with ETP to access a car to get to and from shifts at various ACR group home locations.  ETP participants reserve cars online in exchange for a pay deduction to cover gas, parking, insurance, and maintenance. The deduction varies depending on the shift. The best deal is on the awake night shift–only 50 cents per hour.

“No car? No problem.”

Krys Hannaman oversees the ETP fleet. With 15 vehicles in the fleet this year she expects a boost in availability and a significant reduction in the need for ride-sharing. All but one of the fleet are subcompact cars.  A fun little Scion IQ is the most recent fleet addition, beloved for its maneuverability in parking spots. The fleet also includes a few Toyota Yaris and Corolla hatchbacks, a Chevy Cobalt and an Aveo, a couple of Nissan Sentras, a Ford Focus and a Hyundai Elantra.  Krys personally does the basic monthly maintenance which includes checking the tire pressure, oil and fluid levels, headlights and blinkers. Not only can she change your headlight bulbs, but she has jumper cables and she knows how to use them!

The ETP offers lots of advantages. Finding a parking spot (and paying for it) is not your problem.  Maintenance issues are not your problem, either.  AND, you don’t have to shovel a car out after a snowstorm! It’s a great choice for the environment, too.

Check out our newest addition to the employee transportation fleet and its “amazing seating capacity:”