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Alumni Spotlight- Getting a headstart for nursing school

Name: Alison Greten


ACR Home: Fox Run Bay (RSA/RC when Perrot started)


Undergrad: University of Minnesota for Biology in 2013


Schooling/Career: In 2016, I moved to Denver to complete an accelerated BSN degree. I went to Denver College of Nursing, which was a 21 month program. I graduated in June 2018. I am currently a registered nurse at the University of Minnesota on an adult surgical floor, where I have been for the last year.


How did ACR help reach my goals? 
Over the 4 years I worked for ACR between my degrees, I learned so much that benefited me in nursing school. I took the time to learn what meds were prescribed for each resident’s specific medical or behavioral condition. Also the relevance of any dietary modifications/restrictions, use of medical equipment, and specialty care (ex: vesting, trachs, VNS, shunts) all were great influences on my learning and piecing the bigger picture of nursing together while in school. I felt as if I had a leg up in labs/clinicals because I already had exposure to some of the equipment, proper training on safe medication administration, and I knew how to communicate with a very wide variety of individuals who have very specific needs. Working for ACR taught me compassion and insight on caring for any population. All people deserve equal healthcare despite their diagnoses. I was able to attend many doctor appointments with my residents where I was able to network and find connections that helped me get into nursing school and find a job after graduation. Any experience in the medical field is great prior to starting a degree, but working for ACR allowed me to take my skills to the next level and make a difference in my residents lives. I still am in contact with them and will forever be grateful for my ACR stepping stone.