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Make an Impact during your Gap Year

Recently graduated or graduating this year? Applying to a health focused grad school (MD,PA,OT,PT,Chiro, etc.) this year or next year and taking a gap year? Searching for support and meaningful, paid healthcare experience? ACR’s Impact Year (Summer 2024-Summer 2025) might be what you’re looking for.  

Application open from 3/15-3/25. More info on our website. 

Direct Care as a Foundation 

As an Impact Year Intern, you will be fully trained as a direct care professional (DCP) to provide a wide range of hands-on care to residents who live in our homes. You will be employed full-time (38-40 hours per week), maximizing these direct care hours in a unique, flexible schedule which includes working four 8-hour shifts at your designated home and one 8-hour shift working at another one of our homes. This unique design allows you the space to develop strong relationships with the residents you care for while simultaneously challenging your skills as a provider to quickly adapt to a variety of patient needs, cares, and communication styles.  

In addition, you will be trained to be the on-call supervisor (1-2 weekends per month), responsible for providing leadership and assistance to your residents and staff if the need arises.  

A Whole New World of Opportunities: Accountability and Mentorship 

Throughout your year, not only will you engage with your peers (cohort of 10 grad school seeking staff) in a 1 hour, weekly group check-in – which covers topics such as providing updates on your direct care and other activities, working through the application process, book discussion, and guest speakers (CEO, COO, alumni) -- but we will also work to connect you with an ACR alumni in your stated field to be your personal mentor throughout this program as you apply to graduate school. To have someone in your corner that has successfully been through the process AND been in your shoes as an ACR employee is a truly unique and special opportunity.  

Cohort meetings and 1:1 alumni mentorship is also supported by continued grad school application assistance in the form of personal statement reviews, mock interviews, exposure to professionals in a variety of healthcare fields, resume building tips, and tips on filling out your application.  

Along with direct care hours, leadership experience, and check-ins, you will also complete an independent, research-based internship, aimed at improving the quality of life of one of the residents you care for. This can be done as individuals or as a group and will challenge your critical thinking skills, initiative, and creativity. You will identify a need of your resident, thoroughly research their diagnoses, communicate with them and their care team, and work to implement a positive change in their life. 

Core Memories Made 

Our residents are the reason why we exist as a company. As an Impact Year Intern and DCP, you will develop strong relationships with our residents, compassionately advocating for their safety and best interests. As a testament to your high competency in their care and your relationship with them, you will have the opportunity to develop a passion project with them, what we call an Impact Project, aimed at helping them check something off their bucket list.  

You Can Go the Distance: A Meaningful Gap Year and Successful Application 

Amidst the multitude of requirements, pre-reqs, letters of rec, experiences, ability to articulate yourself and stand out, personal statement and supplementals, and interviews, applying to grad school can be overwhelming. Here at ACR, we are excited to provide an opportunity that combines flexibility, dedication to care, real-world experiences, and a wide array of support to grad school seeking students, ready to challenge themselves and make a difference along the way.