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Amber, U of M School of Dentistry

Name: Amber LeClaire

Accepted to: University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

Undergrad University: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Spanish Studies

Work at ACR: DCP at Pintail for 6 months, DCP and Shift Supervisor at Dale Court 2018-present

Total HCE hours: 5500

Shadowing hours: 125

Other volunteer hours: 100

Research hours: 75

How many programs did you apply to? I applied to ten programs.

How many programs did you interview with? I received four interviews.

Anything you found surprising about interviews? That the interview process isn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. The people interviewing you are excited to get to know you!

Were there any helpful resources you used to get through the application and interview process? DAT Bootcamp for studying for the DAT, and various Facebook groups with other students going through the application process.

Any other advice for other pre-dental students? Do your best to find time to relax throughout the process! It can be so easy to get consumed by schoolwork, volunteering, shadowing, etc., so maintaining balance was really important to me. Whether it was going to yoga, getting dinner with friends, or just watching a movie and doing face masks with my roommates, those moments really helped me when I felt stressed. Find the things that you love to do in your free time and keep doing them!