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ACR’s Response to Black Lives Matter

When new employees start at ACR Homes, we ask them to embrace ACR’s long-standing Core Value statement that all human life is intrinsically valuable—that it is worthy of dignity and respect. For decades, ACR employees have gone above and beyond in doing just that. We are saddened and horrified at the death of George Floyd and we realize that simply stating our Core Value statement is not enough at this time. As a company, for our employees, for our residents, and for all, we join in stating BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Since events have unfolded in response to the death of George Floyd, we have been working to ensure the immediate safety of our staff and the people we support, and their ongoing care. We know many were affected by these events and we are in awe of the beautiful efforts being brought forth around our cities and our state as so many join together in peaceful protests, in support of their neighbors through food and supply donations, and in working tirelessly to clean up broken streets. We know many of our employees have been a part of those efforts, and we are joining in to help as a company.

ACR is committed to ensuring exceptional care for the people with disabilities we support and we are also committed to ensuring an exceptional work experience for employees. We want our Top Workplace awards to ring true for all employees. We commit to be a workplace free of racism and discrimination where all employees feel safe at work. To ACR’s black employees, we hear you, and we will work with you to do whatever we can do, better. We’ve always asked that our employees come to work focused on Resident Agenda—to maintain positive attitudes and to work hard for the people we support. That remains a strong commitment, and at the same time we will increase our efforts towards Staff Agenda, ensuring that the needs of all of our employees—especially our black employees—are being addressed and that diversity and inclusion is celebrated throughout our organization. We invite employees who have been affected to check out our resource page or let us know if there is a way we can help you.

We do not have all the answers, but we are proud of our ACR team, and we are looking forward to working together towards an even better future. We value feedback and insight from our ACR community, and we appreciate it now more than ever.

Jim and Dorothy Nelson, ACR’s founders, CEO and Director

Gene Leistico, COO