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Name: Kate Simonson

Accepted to: UW Oshkosh – online program

Major: Accelerated BSN program – 1 year program for those who already have a previous Bachelors degree.

Undergrad University: Buena Vista University, Human Services & Sociology

Work at ACR: 12 1/2 years, 11 years as RS, 3 years at PD, 5 years as UMN HR Office Manager

Total HCE hours: over 5,000 – I took 10 hours/week for each week I was an RS. Health care experience includes medical appointments, training others on medical equipment, hospitalizations, communication with Dr.’s, clinics and other medical professionals.

Total PCE hours: over 10,000

Anything you found surprising about interviews? I had read this was a possibility when preparing but didn’t know until the interview started that the 2 interviewers had not reviewed my application and only knew my name and phone number to eliminate any bias so be prepared to highlight your experiences, accomplishments, etc. that you may have already touched on the in application. I was also surprised that the scenario questions they asked me were largely based on decision making and integrity, not previous knowledge of nursing/patient care.

Were there any helpful resources you used to get through the application and interview process?  I found other applicants to be a great resource! It was great to hear what others had done when applying. Also, make sure to review any material provided by the school you are interviewing with. For example, my school indicated to be familiar with their mission statement and how it would relate to my future nursing career for the interview.

Any other advice for other pre-Nursing students?

Prior to coming to ACR I had very minimal exposure to patient care and anything “medical”. I was drawn to ACR initially because of my desire to “Make a Difference” in the work I did daily.  My experiences at ACR led me to my next career move of pursuing a degree in nursing and the experiences I gained were invaluable in the application process and I know will be very beneficial as I get started in the program and my nursing career.