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mentorship program


As a new hire, sometimes it’s overwhelming to meet new staff and residents, go to trainings by yourself, and have the confidence to jump in and get started. That’s why we created the mentorship program! You are automatically paired with someone who has gone through it all before and knows all the tips and tricks to guide you along the way.

Mentors meet you where you’re at to give you advice and insight, and to share their experience. They are available for questions and support throughout the mentorship process! ACR believes in building a community that you can work in, be encouraged in, and grow in. The mentorship program helps you do just that. Plus, who doesn't want to meet a new friend over coffee & donuts?!

Community Events

ACR hosts many resident and staff events throughout the year. Staff are able to take part in volunteer opportunities like “Operation Christmas Child” or “Feed My Starving Children” with their ACR co-workers. In addition, food and fun are generally the focus of events like DCA brunches, Awake Night game nights, and other opportunities for staff to get to know other like-minded caregivers. Coming together with incredible co-workers is one of the favorite parts staff report about ACR sponsored events.

mentorship program
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Social Media Community

With 56 homes across the metro, we work hard to still feel like a small company! One great way to stay connected is through a variety of ACR Homes facebook groups for employees. Many individual homes use facebook to share fun photos and memories or resident activities. In addition, ACR has a variety of facebook interest groups for employees in such areas as arts and crafts, groups for dog owners, and health and fitness groups. These groups each provide ongoing dialogue and relationship building with other employees, along with regularly hosted events catered to that specific interest.

In addition, with the huge number of pre-health students employed at ACR Homes, we recently created facebook groups in the areas of pre-nursing, pre-med, pre-PA, pre-PT, and pre-OT as another opportunity for employees to network with other pre-health students as well as with ACR alumni who are working in that given field. These groups have led to additional information sharing, a group book study, and even mock interviews with group members.

All employees are also encouraged to join our primary ACR Homes facebook group. This is a place to post for open shifts, but more importantly, to share resources and information amongst employees. This is the primary group to learn about ACR events and contests.

“I've been working for ACR for only about a month now and it is my favorite job I have ever had. The community with ACR gives you friends, kindness, and so much support!”

- DCA staff, Aleah Keske

“Working at ACR offered me so many opportunities. It not only challenged me to develop novice skills as a caregiver, but also encouraged me to foster meaningful relationships with my residents and fellow caregivers. I truly believe ACR is the reason I am a Registered Nurse, and I feel so confident in caring those who need it most.”

- Katie Kosek, former employee

“My house at ACR is like my second home! I love going to work to see what each shift has to offer. I have learned so much about myself through this job. I have met great people and had some AMAZING experiences!”

- Hannah Thompson, current employee

mentorship program

ACR Employee SAFE Fund

ACR's SAFE (Staff Agenda Fund for Emergencies) fund was established by employees in 2008 as a way for employees to lend a helping hand to co-workers who find themselves in financial crisis due to unforeseen events such as illness, medical crisis, spouse job loss, and other emergencies. Helping a co-worker in need fits with ACR’s core values, it is rewarding for both the giver and the recipient, and ultimately it has a positive impact on the tone and morale in our homes.

ACR employees have the option to contribute to the ACR SAFE through regular payroll deductions or one-time contributions. Donations are strictly voluntary and 100% of donations go directly to the fund with no administrative expenses. To donate or to join the SAFE committee, Employees can fill out the SAFE donation form below.

Employees who want to apply for assistance can download an application form below or ask the house residential supervisor or program director for a SAFE application form. Gifts awarded to recipients are determined by employees who volunteer to be on the SAFE committee.

ACR's SAFE Fund to the Rescue

Gabe works at an ACR group home that supports four very active people who have developmental and behavioral disabilities. He’s on a “go with the flow” team of staff with high energy and a huge sense of humor.  He’s also a college student at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire.  He would typically drive 75 miles to Woodbury once or twice a month to work “power weekends”--32 hours from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. For Gabe, that's a fun and efficient way to get a paycheck and gain work experience. Working for the #1 workplace in Minnesota is a great resume builder, too. For his supervisor and coworkers, they love being able to count on Gabe to handle weekends.


Last fall I had some unexpected and major car problems. I found myself in the impossible situation of needing to work a lot of hours to pay for my car, but having no way of getting to work. My Program Director suggested that I apply for help from the SAFE fund--that’s the Staff Assistance Fund for Emergencies.

I was apprehensive at first because reaching out for charity is humbling. That night while working an awake shift I sent an e-mail to the SAFE requesting help. I heard back at 12pm the same day, and there was a $500 check waiting for me at my base home. The amazing generosity of ACR and its employees allowed me to completely fix my car, which allowed me to continue my job supporting residents I care about, which helps to pay my bills. I love telling people about how special my job is, not just because I’m paid to better the lives of others, but because my fellow ACR staff and leaders are concerned about my well-being. It’s programs like the SAFE Fund that make ACR Homes the #1 workplace in the state of Minnesota.