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Humans of ACR – Bubba

“Thankful? Thank you Jesus and thank you God. You know? For my family. My big ole huge party—my family’s. I love a punkin and a turkey turkey turkey—gobble gobble. I love a mashed potato sweet. It’s great. I love a sweet potato pie, and then an egg nog too and a coffee. My mom always hooks me up with coffee—I’m an adult man, but that’s my mama. My mom is very very careful with me. My mom and my sister. My mom always helps me. I swear, cross my heart right here. I love my mom. I love my mother. My mom doesn’t go by Bob or Bobby. Mom goes by Andrew–Robert Andrew.”

“My nickname is Bubba, from way back a long time ago. Big Bubba cuz it was funny because I’m just tall, ya know. A tall guy. It was really funny. Bubs….or Teddy Bear….Big Bubba.”

“I like country music. I love a country, and I like R&B. Not right now for a rapper. I was like a young, young kid when I liked rap. Not right now though. It’s like a cuss cuss cuss for a rapper—not going to do that again. Country is like Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw. Reba McIntyre. Garth Brooks you know. Conway Twitty—an oldie. Travis Tritt. R & B is like Bryan McKnight, piano piano. I don’t like pop. Just sloooow. No pop. Just a little slow.”

“I’m like a yikkety yak, don’t talk back. I’m popular….at Cub Foods, Target, you know. J.Arthur’s. I’m like a spring chicken. Whippersnap. I’m like a young man. I’m not a middle aged, I’m just a young, young man. An italian stallion. Rico Suave. That’s me, you know. It’s all gravy, you know.”