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Impact Year 2.0: Optimize your Gap Year

When considering how to spend your Gap Year as a pre-PA or pre-med staff, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the most out of that year away from school.  ACR has multiple opportunities that align well with those pursuing Gap Year opportunities whether that’s due to graduation, taking a break from school, taking an employment break, or just trying something new. We’ve long advertised growth opportunities to consider during a Gap Year such as an internship, advancement opportunities including being a co-RS or RS, or being an e-float. Each of these positions provides valuable life-experience.

Impact Team volunteering at Feed My Starving Children

On March 1st through March 15th 2022, we will be accepting applications for our second Impact Year cohort of 10 individuals. This full-time, one year position takes elements of our e-float, internship, and leadership roles and combines them into a unique package that checks off many of the boxes that those pursuing healthcare professions are needing to consider.

Impact Year 2021-2022 included: full-time direct care at an increased rate, branching out by working at additional ACR Homes, research, internship, Impact project, a cohort to meet with weekly, reflection, book studies, PA shadowing, mock interviews and application prep, GRE or MCAT prep resources, mentoring, paid community service, personal development, and resume and application enhancements. We are excited to offer these same benefits again for Impact Year 2.0 along with the $5000 Educational Award after successful completion of the program.

The Impact Team in 2021-2022 is wrapping up their time together and providing feedback about how to further maximize the experience. Join coordinators Jon Moe and Sarah Abbott for an info session to learn more about how an Impact Year can maximize your Gap Year and set you up for success!

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