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Rebecca, Concordia University Wisconsin, Masters of Occupational Therapy Program

Name: Rebecca Prigge

Accepted to: OT School, Concordia University Wisconsin

Undergrad Major: Psychology

Undergrad University: St. Kate’s

Work at ACR: 4 years, 1 as DCP, .5 as RSA, 2.5 as RS; taking residents on appointments, advocating for residents

Total HCE hours: Rehab volunteer at Gillette Children’s (40 hours)

Patient Care Experience: PCA for child with autism (800 hours) and ACR hours as DCP and RS

Shadowing hours: 70 hours

Other volunteer hours: Wish Granter for Make a Wish (40 hours or so)

Extra: Sunday school teacher 2 years

How many programs did you apply to? 4 (accepted to 3)

Any other advice for other pre-OT students? Working as the RS or doing an internship to have a great example of how you’ve helped improve the quality of life for someone made writing the supplemental essays for various schools significantly easier; I also feel like I’m a step ahead in a lot of areas of the program right now as they are teaching us how to use gait belts, do transfers, advocate for our clients, etc. All the things I have been doing at ACR for years now!