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Pre-Health Info Session Lunch & Learn

Always the big question, how did you get into Med/OT/Nursing/PA School!?. We have some exciting info sessions the next two weeks where we are discussing these big questions with our very own ACR Residential Supervisors¬† who have been accepted into these programs! If you’re looking for tips and important information for your future grad school applications, you won’t want to miss these info sessions where these Residential Supervisors share how their experience at ACR Homes helped them gain acceptance to their (competitive!) preferred health programs. They will have advice, tips, and we will be talking all things grad school applications. We are featuring conversations with four different house supervisors talking about the respective programs they’ve been accepted into: Med School, OT school, Accelerated Nursing, and Physician Assistant school.


These info sessions are called “Lunch & Learns” scheduled over the lunch hour (12pm-1pm). You’ll do the learning; we’ll do the lunch! 😉 You’ll receive a $10 chipotle gift card for attending since it’s virtual! If you’d like to attend a session, here is the sign-up link.

3/24: Accelerated Nursing:
Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 958 6516 5486
Passcode: NURSING
3/26: Pre-PA
Meeting ID: 933 8129 9783
Passcode: PASCHOOL
3/30: Pre-OT
Meeting ID: 912 7190 6281
Passcode: OTSCHOOL
3/31: Pre-Med
Meeting ID: 910 4870 1059
Want to learn more about the RS position? Learn more here.
Learn more about Residential Supervisor Annie Lo’s acceptance into her PA program here!
Amy, former RS of ACR- Arthur’s Senior Care, is now attending the U of M Medical School. Learn more about her experience here!