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 We have a knack for fun at ACR.  It follows that we would have expertise with an event that bills itself as “Twelve Days of Fun Ending Labor Day!”  That would be the Minnesota State Fair–the largest state fair in the US, with an average annual attendance of about 2 million people.  “The Great Minnesota Get-Together.”   Here’s a quick run down of State Fair favorites for people with disabilities, from direct care staff who’ve been there, done that, and know what they’re talking about.State Fair Favorites for People with Disabilities

Top 10 State Fair Favorites for People with Disabilities

Animals—The horse barns are great: calm atmosphere, nice wide aisles. The baby animals at the FFA barn are fun, too.

Lumberjack Show—Logrolling, buck sawing, speed climbing and axe-throwing! Danger, excitement, a fun crowd, and the anticipation of a big splash when some flannel-clad competitor falls in.

Misters—You’ll find misting stations in several places around the fairgrounds. It’s a nice little sensory experience that will help you keep your cool on hot days.

DNR Fish Pond— It’s stocked with about 45 different species of fish that call Minnesota home, from sunfish to paddlefish, walleye to bass. This outdoor pond gives us a bit of easy access to the great outdoors. It even has a live webcam so you can watch the fish underwater.

Skyride—If you are able to get into a gondola, this ride can take you from one end of the fairgrounds to the other.  Enjoy a great view and a few minutes of rest and quiet while you survey all the places you still want to see!

Free Stages — From country music to latin, Irish dancing to polka, rock ‘n’ roll to harp, all for free at stages all over the fairgrounds.  Pull up in the shade, relax and enjoy!

The Beehive in the Horticulture Building—Watch a bee colony hard at work making honey. Sections of a beehive are on display under plexiglass.

Corn Dogs—for those who enjoy them, get ’em while you can!  They won’t be on the menu again for another year.

Mini Donuts—you can smell them a block away and the wait in line is entertaining!

Dairy Building—a favorite place for ice cream treats. While you’re in the building, don’t miss the butter sculpture—who doesn’t want to see dairy princesses enshrined in butter? And don’t forget the Fleet Farm freebies!

People Watching— from cowboy boots to crazy hair, you’ll find it all at the fair. This year’s prize that everyone (else) seems to want: the poo hat.  Whatever your thing, you’ll fit right in!

I know.  It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it, right? (Some days it’s hard to believe we get paid to do this!) You can learn more about direct care positions at ACR HERE or your can APPLY TODAY!