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Working with ACR Residents Changed my RN Career

Renae Sloth began her healthcare career 13 years ago as a DCP (Direct Care Professional) at ACR. Her initial goal was to get the direct care hours she needed to maintain her CNA certification.  Little did she know this would lead her to a full-time RN career with ACR. In short order she became an RN, and then a case manager RN. From there she was promoted to the role of Assistant Director of Nursing. As ACR’s Assistant DON, it’s her job to help lead the nursing department in providing 24/7 nursing oversight for over 200 ACR residents.

Renae's RN career at ACRACR Homes has a reputation for providing outstanding residential support services for people with physical and developmental disabilities. Supporting people with significant health concerns that often require nursing oversight is one of ACR’s specialties.  ACR’s overall goal is to provide residents a wonderful home environment. A place where they can relax and be themselves–where they feel secure, understood, and supported. This is no small undertaking for persons whose everyday lives involve seizure and medication protocols, g- and j-tubes, ostomy bags, trachs, ventilators, and a plethora of other healthcare details.  But it is that challenge that attracts RNs like Renae. RNs who get to know specific clients and  make a long-term impact on their healthcare and their lives.

“I feel like I am making a huge impact.”

Renae writes,

I started with ACR after hearing about this company from a friend. I needed to maintain my CNA certificate. I didn’t really know a lot about the company other than it had “flexible scheduling” and that it would be with people with disabilities. I felt very awkward at first talking to someone who couldn’t talk back to me.

I am not going to lie, I considered quitting shortly after I started working, thinking, “This is not for me! How can I connect and “care” so much for these residents that can’t tell me what they are thinking or feeling?” But I hung in there with ACR and began to see little things that touched my heart. Little smiles. Residents belly-laughing over a secret only they knew. Grabbing my hand just to have that human touch they desired.

I found myself developing a strong sense of responsibility and ownership to making sure they were taken care of for my 8 hours that I was there. And now, 13 years later as an RN, I still feel like I am making a huge impact and difference in the residents’ lives at ACR!

–Renae Sloth, ACR Case Manager RN and Assistant Director Nursing