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Ever wonder what life is like at ACR Homes and what great people you’ll meet? We recently caught up with Jen, one of our wonderful residents, to shed a little light.

One important thing to know about Jen is that she’s pretty darn nice and she has quite a knack for connecting with others.

“Jen is a very sweet and outgoing person,” according to one of her ACR staff. “She is always laughing at my jokes and recommending Netflix shows that I would like.”

To help break the ice, we’re sharing a few fun facts about her.

Person she’d love to meet: “Tom Hanks, because I think he’s an awesome humanitarian.”

Favorite places to travel: Pennsylvania and Disney World are high on her list. But due to COVID-19, getaways and out-of-town adventures are on hold for now. “I was supposed to go on a trip with two of my favorite staff,” she says. “But my RS was nervous, so I would like to do it post-pandemic.”

Favorite books: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and the “Harry Potter” series.

Favorite music: The smoky vocals of Melissa Etheridge and the flower-power vibes from 1960s all-female rock group Enchanted Forest always get Jen on her feet.

Favorite thing about ACR Homes: The caring staff and heading out for the fun outings. Every year, she especially looks forward to the Halloween Dance!

Favorite way to celebrate: Going out to a restaurant for a special meal with family and friends — it’s a great way to be together and celebrate each other. Her RS at ACR Homes also takes time to make special occasions, like her birthday or Christmas, meaningful by giving her a gift and taking time to find out if there’s anything special she’d like to eat to mark the day.

Staff’s favorite memory of Jen: During an activity shift, Jen and the staff were watching the show “The Circle.” Just for fun, they placed friendly bets on who was going to win the game. “And her favorite person won. It was really nice to see how happy she was!”

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