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ACR LPN: Day in the Life – Feeling Valued

Miriam Bawden is an LPN nurse who is enthusiastic about working for ACR Homes. We asked her to share some insights into what it is that she likes so much at ACR and how it compares to her prior work experience as a nurse. Miriam’s quick response was, “Thanks for asking me about my experience at ACR. Here are answers to some of your questions.”

ACR LPN: Day in the Life - Feeling ValuedQ: What settings have you worked in as an LPN nurse prior to working at 178th?
A: I have worked in long term care and in a clinic setting.

Q: Why did you decide to apply to work at ACR?
A: My daughter is a live-in residential supervisor at an ACR home and has always told me what a great company ACR is. Last spring she told me about an open LPN position at ACR. At the time she told me about it I was a clinic nurse and was less than thrilled with my job, so I decided to apply.

I love the residents and feel appreciated by management

Q: What have you most enjoyed about working as an LPN at ACR compared to previous nursing experiences?
A: I love the residents. They are the highlight of my day. One day I was accompanying my resident home on bus transportation from day program and I was smiling just from listening to the interaction between the clients. I thought to myself,” I can’t believe I get paid to work here.”

I love the residents. They are the highlight of my day.

I like the fact that ACR’s mission statement points out that all human life has intrinsic value. I actually look forward coming in to work with the residents, whereas, in my other experiences, I found myself dreading going into work. I worked at a clinic in the past and although I enjoyed working with the patients, I did not feel appreciated by the clinic leadership. I feel as if the leadership staff at ACR value their employees and I feel heard when I address concerns that arise.

Q: Why would you encourage an LPN nurse to consider working at ACR?
A: You will feel honored to work with such a precious group of residents. You will feel valued as a nurse. It’s such a great job that sometimes it doesn’t seem like work—it feels more like home. ACR also does such a great job of training its employees and you can rest assured that you will be using your nursing skills and thinking skills.

Q: Any other thoughts or advice?
A: As with all new jobs, the first couple of weeks and months can feel daunting. Working with trach patients and residents with seizure disorders can be overwhelming at first but if you can just be patient, you will find that with the training and help from the other nurses you will come to feel more comfortable with the job. I look forward to many years of working with this company!