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ACR Homes Wins Top Award for Ethics and Values

For the fifth year in a row, employee feedback through the 2018 Star Tribune Top Workplace survey resulted in ACR Homes being named one of the top five large workplaces in Minnesota. In addition, ACR received a special award for Ethics & Values. Employees of Arthur’s Senior Care, which is staffed by ACR Homes, were also honored with these Top Workplace awards.

ACR: 2018 Ethics & Values Award WinnerEmployees at 361 Minnesota companies participated in the annual Top Workplaces survey. The StarTribune engaged a research partner, Energage, to conduct the survey by gathering anonymous feedback on six key themes that impact workplace culture. All 924 employees of ACR Homes received the survey last spring, including direct care staff, supervisors, RNs, office, and maintenance staff. The survey results give interesting insight into the workplace culture at ACR.

A Culture of Ethics at ACR’s Core

Feedback from several employees pointed to ACR’s Core Values Statement that “all human life is intrinsically valuable and worthy of dignity and respect” as an example of the strong values in ACR’s workplace culture. Employees also commented on how inspiring it is to work for a company where excellence in resident care is the main focus, where their coworkers’ standards are high, and where the focus is on doing what it takes to deliver high quality care. One employee wrote in the survey, “ACR has incredible values when it comes to caring about the people that we support.” Another wrote, “ACR does everything they can to give the residents the highest quality of life possible.” Still another wrote, “It’s easy to feel like you are part of the team when you know that your values line up with the values of your company’s leadership.”

A Great Workplace Culture for New Employees

Newer employees, in particular, indicated in the survey that they appreciate the positive workplace culture at ACR. They note that people like doing work that matters with people who share similar high standards in care. One newer employee commented, “My coworkers always come to work with a positive attitude and set a great example for new employees like me.” Another commented, “Whenever I leave after a shift I know that I made a difference in someone’s life. I love that my job is meaningful and enjoyable. I have amazing co-workers, and the environment of ACR Homes is such a positive one.”