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Humans of ACR

Humans of ACR – Justin

“I’m a junior at University of Northwestern St.Paul. 15 family members before me came to Northwestern. I had been going there for years, going to concerts. It became like a second home I guess. I enjoyed the campus. Had a couple friends from church that were going there. I’m in my first term of nursing…

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Humans of ACR – Brooklyn

“I’m in my last semester. I’m a biology major and I play volleyball. Initially I was full-blown ‘I want to go to PA school’, but coming up I’m going to start an MBA with an emphasis in healthcare management and we’ll see how I like that. My plans are still to go to PA school…

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Humans of ACR – Sharmiki

“When I’m not at work, I like to draw. I like to make stuff out of clay too, like animals. And I like to read books, like Harry Potter.” “My favorite memory from school is meeting my best friend. She was in my movies with me. In Underland 1, I was behind the scenes. In…

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