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Humans of ACR – Sharmiki

“When I’m not at work, I like to draw. I like to make stuff out of clay too, like animals. And I like to read books, like Harry Potter.”

“My favorite memory from school is meeting my best friend. She was in my movies with me. In Underland 1, I was behind the scenes. In Underland 2, I had a couple lines. In Underland 3, I sang a song. The director is my friend and the cast really helped.”

“My best friend wanted me to move in with her. This is an amazing place to live and I have the best friends in the world. Minnesota is the best place. It’s so pretty when it snows.”

“My mom is so special to me. She helped me move to this house. When I go home for the holidays, my mom is always so happy to see me. I like to go out driving with her and help her garden. My father is the best father I could ever have. When I’m home with him, he and I like to play soccer together. He’s my soccer coach. He loves soccer. It’s always on with I go visit. He’s always so encouraging. He encourages me to do my best.”