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DCP training at ACR Homes: We make sure you’re ready and able

Maybe you’re considering applying with us for a DCP job, but you’re worried that you lack the skills needed to work productively with the residents.

While that’s understandable, you should know that you’ll undergo thorough training before you ever start interacting with our clients. State law dictates that all DCPs receive 30 to 60 hours of orientation training before performing unsupervised work, and we exceed those requirements so we can teach you how to deal effectively with the residents, procedures and situations you’ll encounter.

Our hope is that you’ll bring to the role a heart for people with disabilities; a team-player attitude; a stellar work ethic; a willingness to learn and listen; a strong attention to detail; a good sense of judgment; an ability to multitask and creative problem-solving skills. In return, we’ll help set you up for success by ensuring you feel both comfortable and competent once you start your job. We hire GREAT people, and then we train them really well!

Getting started: We want you to succeed

To fill you in on what to expect, here are some key aspects of the DCP training program customized to ACR Homes.

Vulnerable adults/children:

You’ll learn how to recognize and report abuse and will become aware of professional boundaries and behavior when working with our clients.


This safety training will make you aware of potentially hazardous activities you may encounter on the job.


You’ll become familiar with national privacy laws as they relate to our residents and their healthcare data.


We’ll teach you emergency lifesaving procedures to perform on anyone whose heart stops beating.

First Aid

After training, you’ll know how to administer emergency care to an ill or injured person pending more complete medical treatment.

Medication administration

We will show you everything you’ll need to know about safely and effectively giving daily medications to your clients.

Behavior management

You’ll receive thorough information on how to calmly, safely and effectively react to a range of different behaviors from residents.

Company policy

We’ll explain all the rules and guidelines we’ve established for our employees, as well as our company-wide goals and mission.


You’ll learn what we expect from our team members in terms of on-the-job behavior, etiquette and ethics.

Specific information on the people we support

We’ll ensure you’re well acquainted with our client base, that you understand the challenges they face and that you’re aligned with our strategies for maintaining quality of life.

Specific information about and hands-on training at your group home

You’ll do shadow shifts specifically observing and following staff who know the job well, with the particular residents you'll be working with. These opportunities allow you to begin familiarizing yourself with your clients’ needs, preferences, personalities and hobbies. The relationships are the best part of working at ACR, and this is a step towards building those--keep in mind those don't form in one shadow shift!

Attendance at mandatory monthly staff meetings

You’ll be part of these sessions in which team members discuss current methods, updates and concerns relating to residents in your group home.

Once you start your job you can optimize your training to boost your healthcare skills, gain valuable caregiving experience and build your resume — all while helping your residents lead better, more fulfilling lives.

Ready to move forward? ACR is always seeking kind, smart, capable people who want to help those with disabilities live better lives. We hire people with big hearts, then provide them the exceptional training needed to help them grow their careers.

Want to learn more about training?

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