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Internship Opportunities at the Mayo Clinic

Intern seminars at the Mayo Clinic are just one example of the internship opportunities ACR coordinates to help employee interns broaden their contacts and exposure to outside healthcare professionals. This past summer there were two ACR intern seminars at the Mayo Clinic featuring experts in the fields of urology and psychiatry.

Internship Opportunities at the Mayo ClinicThe Mayo seminars typically include a tour of the Mayo Clinic and a research update from a group of Mayo surgeons and researchers followed by some Q&A time and lunch with the doctors. These seminars are unique opportunities which ACR is able to coordinate for interns through its connections with the Mayo Clinic.

Interns Comment

ACR interns who participated in the Mayo psychiatry seminar shared their feedback about the experience.

My favorite thing about this experience was hearing about the mood disorder research being done at Mayo! Learning about a topic that is relevant to my DCP work was inspiring and educational!

Brittany Haller

My favorite part was learning about the various genes that effect BD that are also variations/problems in other diseases/disorders. I’m a huge believer in holistic approaches to medicine so finding commonalities between seemingly different diseases (bipolar and diabetes) is awesome!

– Ryan McLaughlin

My favorite part of the Rochester trip was having the experts explain their current efforts and experiments to better identify bipolar disorder. I thought it was cool how we were learning about the cutting edge science from top medical experts.

Nadia Nelson

My favorite part about the Rochester trip was hearing the presenters talk about how much they love what they do it really inspired me.

Steph Gengler

I won’t forget how inspired and motivated I felt at the end of the day. Hearing from multiple professionals, passionate about gearing medicine toward individualized care, confirmed I’m in the right place at ACR and on the right track for a career in healthcare. The presenters showed us hard evidence, from years of research, is now coming together to support that everyone’s unique biology can lead to not only different diagnoses, but also different treatment responses. 

Just as memorable, was of course getting to know the other ACR staff on the car ride home. The whole group had similar and entertaining interests, and we were all excited to discuss how the presentation applied to each of our resident care experiences.  Unforgettable experience!

– Tiffany Hansen

Internship Opportunities at ACR

Find out more about internship opportunities at ACR Homes. Sarah Abbott, ACR’s Director of Staff Development, coordinates employee intern seminars in a variety of fields including pre-med, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical research, social work, and healthcare management.Internship Opportunities at ACR