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A NICE Healthcare Review

Employees who are enrolled in ACR’s traditional health plan can access a new online primary care option called NICE Healthcare for for free. To give an idea of how it works, here’s a NICE Healthcare review from ACR’s Assistant Director of Nursing Renae Sloth, who was among the first to give it a try.

NICE Healthcare reviewA NICE Healthcare Review from an ACR Nurse

My five-year-old was up for three nights with ear pain during the Christmas break. I have three kids and I didn’t want to take them all to a Minute Clinic and wait around for an appointment, so I decided to give NICE a try. I made an appointment for an online consultation. They texted me a couple of reminders before the actual appointment so I was sure to be ready for the video consultation. During the consultation, they had a few initial questions and then the actual appointment lasted about 20 minutes. They asked me if I wanted a provider to see my son. Being a nurse I felt confident in conveying them clear information and that their diagnosis of an ear infection was correct. They e-faxed a prescription to my pharmacy and we picked it up a little while later. So easy! My only cost was the prescription co-pay—no charge on my deductible, which was great!  They need your child’s weight for prescriptions, so be sure to have that handy.

—Renae Sloth, RN, Asst. Director of Nursing

NICE Healthcare reviewSet Up a NICE Account

NICE Healthcare offers online primary care for common conditions like cold, flu, strep, rashes, insect bites, pink eye, ear infections, and chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, with follow-up exams, labs and X-rays as needed at your home or workplace. Busy parents will appreciate that they can even do sports physicals, well child, and baby exams.

Get started by setting up an online account for yourself and each of your family members today!