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The Great MN Get-Together– ACR’s Virtual State Fair Week

Once again COVID-19 tried to rain on our parade by cancelling the Minnesota State Fair, but a group of creative employees took matters into their own hands!

We’re doing everything possible to keep our residents happy, entertained and connected even as we take precautions to prevent their physical exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Minnesota State Fair is another fun summer tradition that many of the people who live at ACR were going to be missing a lot!

A team of ACR employees put their heads together to come up with the next best thing—“The Great MN Get-Together—ACR’s Virtual State Fair Week. Here’s an overview of some of the fun pulled off during our week of activities.

The Great MN Get-Together….Physically Distanced!

Starting on what is normally the State Fair’s opening day, Thursday night we were dazzled by some local in-house talent during our Resident Talent Show in our Virtual Grandstand!

Dress to Impress

Each day featured a different “dress-up day” highlighting State Fair themes. We had a Favorite Band/Music shirts day, ACR t-shirt day, Minnesota Sports day, Farm Animal Day, and a silly Mismatch Day!  Employees and residents were encouraged to get in the State Fair spirit by dressing up for each day.

Blue Ribbon Awards

Valders’ Blue Ribbon Winning Peanut Butter cupcakes!

Chowen’s Blue Ribbon Winning Cherry & Spoon Butter Sculpture

The State Fair wouldn’t be complete without some blue ribbons, and ours wasn’t either. Houses held friendly competitions with one another in a bake-off and a butter carving contest. Photos of creations were posted in our employee facebook group and a panel of employees chose the winners.

Fun on a stick

Like every other fair-goer who knows of the MN State Fair, our Virtual event also highlighted lots of fair-themed goodies. Every house got a box of 200 mini donuts from a local food truck with instructions to warm up and share. In addition, we had our own version of the Fair Favorite Pronto Pups, Sweet Martha’s Cookies, and root beer float ingredients delivered to each home who chose to opt-in to the festivities. Employees were also encouraged with a “Staff Choice on a Stick” day to get creative!



Getting connected

Lastly, we enjoyed some barn animal sightings through our Zoom exotic barnyard, and joined up with other homes in some rousing games of virtual Bingo.

While we missed the end of summer fun of the actual State Fair, it’s safe to say that we didn’t miss the crowds, lines, or parking. Thanks to our ACR team for planning, and the employees in each home that made the most of our fun replacement fair!