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The Spirit of ACR Homes: Meet Our Residents #2 | ACR Homes

The best part about ACR Homes is, hands down, the wonderful people who live here. We wanted to follow up on last month’s resident profile by introducing another one of our amazing residents: Brian.

Brian is known to be one of the most easy-going and positive people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. “It’s truly impossible to be in a bad mood around him,” reports one ACR staff member. “If you are, he will straighten you out with his famous hugs.”

We asked Brian to tell us a bit about himself and he agreed, with the same positivity and wonderful spirit he’s already famous for.

What he does for fun: “I love going out to eat! Any place is good, but Perkins and Cowboy Jack’s are my favorite, I miss going there before COVID-19.”

Favorite things to do at ACR: Right now, he loves “doing virtual PAI on the weekdays.” Before the pandemic hit, his hands-down favorite thing about ACR was going out on outings with the staff and attending ACR events.

Some important people in his life: Brian especially values the ACR staff that he spends time with every day. He told us, “They (the staff) are special to me because we go places and hang out together!”

Someone he would like to meet: “A star of a soap opera.”

Favorite way to celebrate special occasions: “I just had my birthday a couple weeks ago! My favorite way to celebrate it is to have a party at home! I like to make a cake to share and I look forward to my birthday because I feel like I’m getting old.”

Favorite places to go: Once COVID-19 has passed, Brian is looking forward to spending time out and about again. “My favorite places to go are movie theaters,” he explains, “(and) if I could go anywhere it would be a Pow Wow (giant Native American celebration).”

Staff’s favorite memories of Brian: Brian is a regular friendly face in the kitchen, where his positive personality truly shines. “My favorite memories with him are all the times we have had just messing around in the kitchen together,” remarks one staff member, “finding fun in every situation, whether it’s cooking, cleaning or just hanging out.” Staff especially love Brian’s fantastic sense of humor. He has a skill for always finding something to laugh about, no matter how good or bad the situation is.

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