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The Spirit of ACR Homes: Meet Our Residents #3 | ACR Homes

Meet Shaina! Shaina is an adventurous and amazing resident here at ACR. Born and raised in Minnesota, a lover of oreos and a good cup of tea, and an avid NPR listener, Shaina used ASL finger spelling (and a little help from her ipad communication device!) to share some fun facts and favorite adventures she's had.

Top 10 fun facts about Shaina:

  1. Shaina wears 2 pairs of earrings each day. 1 pair her dad made from the chain of her bike after her bike accident, and the others are tanzanite studs which she gifted herself after successfully climbing Mt Kilamanjaro.
  2. Shaina played softball at Edina High School, and later at Principia College. The Principia softball team had folded, so Shaina joined the college baseball team for her senior year!
  3. Shaina has travelled to 3 continents
  4. Shaina has a very cool bike tattoo on her forearm with the date of her bike accident
  5. Shaina has been scuba diving in Hawaii with sharks- she learned to scuba dive in Mexico when she was in middle school
  6. Shaina did the 30 days of biking challenge every April, later riding her bike consecutively for 3 whole years!
  7. Shaina is a committed blood donor and her next blood donation will get her to her 2-gallon milestone
  8. Shaina has done the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics 3 times
  9. Shaina has completed the MS 150 and Almanzo Gravel race
  10. Shaina double majored in Sports Management and Spanish Language with a minor in business administration at a small private liberal arts college named Principia

When asked for some closing words of wisdom, Shaina gave her usual huge smile and quickly spelled out: “It ain’t that serious" as her words to live by. This is perfectly in line with the positive attitude Shaina has apparently had her whole life.