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Which majors are best suited to work at ACR Homes (Hint: It’s not just for pre-med!)

When pre-health students are looking for that perfect internship or patient care experience, ACR Homes often comes up as an attractive option.

But what if you don’t plan on becoming a physician or a PA? No problem! Many types of students, from finance majors to performing arts majors, have found their fit by working at ACR Homes. Whether you want to be a lawyer, a teacher, a social worker, or an entrepreneur, the communication and teamwork skills you learn at ACR will carry over to any future career!

To give you a taste of the diversity of students we work with, here are some examples of those who have launched their careers with us.

A found passion for social work

In ACR Homes, Samantha Dunbar found a place where she could complete her hours for her senior capstone project in Family Social Service. Not only that, but her time at ACR inspired her to pursue a career in social work. Read her story here.

An outlet for a love of animals

Teagan Schnell needed an internship to finish her biology degree, plus she was looking for volunteer opportunities to help her graduate with community service hours. Her work as a Direct Care Professional at ACR let her combine both. The result was a unique animal therapy program she developed for the residents, letting them meet and interact with homeless dogs and cats, and spend some quality time with horses. Because Schnell and the residents share a soft spot for the animals, it was a definite win-win. Read how she pulled it together.

Helping residents express themselves through art

To complete her art therapy internship, Bre Wallace, a former live-in residential supervisor for an ACR group home, led a five-week art class for 13 residents. Participants used different mediums and materials, while Bre guided them in expressing their ideas and emotions through art. At the end of the class, the residents displayed their creations at an art show hosted by a local coffee shop.

Pursuing a music career

After working at ACR for a year, Tyler Smith settled on what he wanted from life: A career in the music industry. So as he worked on his two degrees in audio production and audio engineering, ACR provided the flexible schedule he needed to balance full-time work with his studies. Check out his story here.

Building a device to aid in stroke recovery

Myrriah Laine, a biomedical engineering student at the University of Minnesota, recognized an opportunity to take on a real-world problem through her internship at ACR Homes. She created a device that let residents complete their range of motion exercises to aid in their stroke recovery. But it was easy enough to use so it wouldn’t burden the busy schedules of the direct care staff. Read all about it here.

Direct Care to full-time recruiter

Brianna Palkki was looking for a job with purpose when she joined ACR as a DCP during college. Her time as a DCP helped her advance into her current position with ACR as a full-time recruiter, while she continues to pursue her love of music in a part-time capacity.  Her story here.

Finding her specialty in occupational therapy

Through her work at ACR homes, Lauren discovered her true calling as an occupational therapist was helping people with developmental disabilities. The home-based environment was conducive to patient care, plus it taught her to take a client-centered approach to her work. Discover more here.

As you can see, ACR Homes is a good fit for just about any academic major. So why not apply?

Interested in making a difference and beginning a meaningful career at ACR Homes? Contact us to learn more