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Coming Soon- Impact Year!

ACR has multiple opportunities that align well with those pursuing Gap Year opportunities whether that’s due to graduation, taking a break from school, taking an employment break, or just trying something new. We’ve long advertised growth opportunities to consider during a Gap Year such as an internship, advancement opportunity, or being an e-float. Each of these positions provides valuable life-experience.

Starting for Summer 2021, we are pleased to announce a new option for those that are pursuing a Gap Year or new opportunity. This full-time, one year position will take elements of our e-float, internship, and leadership roles and combine them into a unique package we’re calling an “Impact Year”. Impact Year spots are limited to just 10 participants. 

This Impact Year position is slotted to include: full-time direct care at an increased rate, float/house staff hybrid scheduling, research, Impact project, core team of peers, reflection, book studies, extensive mock interviews and application prep, mentoring, paid community service, personal development, and resume and application enhancements (and more!). Those that successfully complete an Impact Year will receive a $5000 Educational Award!

We sought out opinions and feedback from a select group of ACR direct care employees and supervisors earlier this month and here’s what they had to say about our Impact Year:

  • “This is an unprecedented means by which to leave a lasting mark on the company, its employees, and the wonderful population it serves.” -current graduate student
  • “Before this, I was planning on going full-time at ACR. This definitely stands out to me more as it is much more interactive and versatile and also meets a lot of the personal goals I had going into my gap year.” -pre-med college student
  • “When I think of a Gap Year I think of working to make as much money as possible before going into grad school. This program not only offers increased pay but also an abundance of benefits that will help staff better prepare for their future professions.” -recent college grad pursuing PT
  • “It’s competitive, an impactful experience, and great for building many of the competencies for professional school.” -college grad pursuing medical school
  • “The best part of this experience is that staff are getting the full direct care experience (which is important for grad school), while also being able to do research within the workplace (with people they already care for), and while also getting mentored by professionals. I think it would look really good on grad applications if staff explained that they worked directly with residents they did their research on and got to know the residents on a personal level.” -college grad pursuing graduate school
  • “I really like that incorporates so many aspects that grad schools are looking for in their applicants in one position (volunteering, research/internship, “clinical” hours”, personal and professional development. I think it really will help people who take on the position be well-rounded for their future!”  -pre-med college student
  • “The whole idea of an Impact Year being offered to those taking a gap year is great! I think that it includes an incredible opportunity to pack so much experience needed to make a competitive applicant for any graduate school pathway in just one year. I love the accountability, ability to make own schedule, continue research from previous internships, with so much more.” -college grad pursuing medical school
  • “Direct care hours are really important when applying to medical school. The plain number of hours completed with this program would stand out to schools. The hands on research experience and leadership experience (on-call, etc.) are also what I understand medical schools to be looking for the most. Personally, I don’t feel I have much leadership experience so that stood out to me as an opportunity. This is an amazing opportunity to consolidate all of the experiences needed for med school into one package.” -pre-med college student

  • “I don’t know that there are other gap year opportunities that pair the ability to provide structured direct care with (essentially) volunteer opportunities aimed at bettering the model of a company (i.e., the internship opportunity). I think that the ability of Impact Year participants to interface with ACR leadership with the goal of collectively implementing targeted projects is unmatched professional experience, and a level of accessibility that will not be found anywhere else. As more and more programs move towards holistic application reviews, with increased emphasis on work and volunteer experience, I think programs such as the Impact Year will begin to uniquely stand out.” -current graduate student

  • “I have more interest in applying for the Impact Year than any other position due to the academic and professional development benefits this program offers.” -recent college grad pursuing PT

Want to find out more? Applications open March 1st for Impact Year 2021-2022 and details will be announced soon. We are hosting 3 Virtual Impact Year Info Sessions. Join us and find out more about this exclusive opportunity!

Wednesday, February 24th 3:30-4:30pm  Meeting ID: 974 5636 6639   Passcode: 556437

Thursday, February 25th 8:30-9:30am Meeting ID: 928 3872 5366    Passcode: 395102

Friday, February 26th 11:30am-12:30pm Meeting ID: 998 4875 1086     Passcode: 141245

**Edit**learn more here: Impact Year 2021-2022

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