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FREE RENT! Benefits of Being an RS at ACR!

Be a Live-In Supervisor in an ACR group home 

Oversee the healthcare, safety, interests and choices of the people with disabilities who live in the home, supervise staff, and manage the operation of the household.  

Annual Starting Salary 

Residential Supervisors:          $40,000 + $10,000 bonus after 24 months

Senior Residential Supervisor:  $53,000 + $10,000 bonus after 24 months  

Live-In Rent Free! 

Live-in supervisors and their spouse/children live rent-free in a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment on the upper or lower level of the home, with utilities and off-street parking included. The value of living rent-free is huge and it’s TAX FREE! You would need to earn about $24,000 to cover rent and utilities for a similar 2- or 3-bedroom apartment in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.  (Statistics from Numbeo for Minneapolis-St. Paul, 9/2021 show average rents ranging from about $1500-$1800 per month and utilities and internet from about $200-$285/month.) 

The value of living in is like adding a significant amount of additional compensation that is not taxed.  If you didn’t have to pay rent, what would you do with the money? 

Pay off debt? Save for a downpayment? Save for grad school? Kids?  Travel?  Upgrade?

Be a Live-In Supervisor in an ACR group home

$5,000 Sign-on & Employee Referral Bonuses for the RS & Interim RS positions. We have both live-in AND live-out options, but the rent-free benefit of living in is pretty amazing!
Live-in RS Position Details:
*$40,000/year (increases to $42,000 after 2 years)
*Longevity Bonuses of $10,000 after 2 years, $2500 after 3 years, $10,000 after 4 years....and on and on and on!
*FREE RENT- savings of approximately $24,000/year (Numbeo, 2021) for RS and spouse/children, if applicable 
*No commute
*Balance of direct care and administrative hours
*Extra pay for extra direct care
*Be a key decision maker and advocate for your residents
*Life-changing Leadership Experience


Join us for our Residential Supervisor Info Sessions in October and November by joining the zoom link here!

10/8 10am-11am

10/15 12p-1p

10/22 1p-2p

10/28 4p-5p

11/5 10am-11am

11/10 3p-4p

11/17 12p-1p

11/22 4p-5p

12/2 10am-11am

12/6 3pm-4pm

12/16 12pm-1pm


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