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How ACR Homes Helps Undergraduate Students Pursuing Healthcare Succeed

Direct Care Professional dosing medications at group home called ACR Homes

Undergraduate students pursuing healthcare careers often face the daunting task of finding hands-on healthcare experience. Many programs even require students to have hundreds if not thousands of direct patient contact hours. How do you get a job without any prior healthcare experience? Working at a high-caliber company like ACR Homes is a wonderful solution for many students, making their application competitive. Not only has ACR Homes been consistently voted as one of the top 25 large workplaces in the state over the last 15 years, but ACR Homes has built a good reputation with grad schools around Minnesota and the Midwest. Many schools know about the thorough healthcare training that staff at ACR Homes receive, and for example, the University of Wisconsin has 4 ACR employees in the first year cohort in 2023. While admitting them, they continually made positive remarks to them about their employment history with ACR Homes, and their past experiences admitting students with that in their work history.

One of the most helpful things for undergraduate students pursing healthcare careers is that you don’t need any experience to work at ACR Homes! Direct Care Professionals have paid training in things like first aid, Red Cross CPR, medication administration, medical charting, medical equipment usage, and much more. ACR's standard of care starts with good training. Furthermore, we train on something we call "resident agenda". A wonderful mindset of healthcare practice that many staff take with them throughout their careers that allows them to set their agenda down at the door when they arrive for the shift, and pick up the agendas of the residents. This allows for care that focuses on each resident's individual wants and needs.


A letter of recommendation is an additional way ACR Homes supports undergraduate students pursuing healthcare careers. The leadership team at ACR Homes love to write powerful and personal letters of recommendation for employees that request them. You'll first be trained, and then your supervisors will get to know you and see your work ethic and healthcare skills in practice. They will be able to speak on your strengths and abilities in a way that will help you stand out because they not only work direct care alongside the entry level healthcare workers, but they usually live in an attached apartment at the home. This provides a strong foundation of support, cooperation, and teamwork.


Want a second letter of recommendation from ACR Homes' owner and CEO Jim Nelson? Jim not only owns ACR Homes, but is a licensed psychologist and works closely with ACR Homes interns. The Internship Program alone will look great on the resume of an undergraduate student pursuing healthcare careers, but his letter of recommendation will help make you an even more competitive applicant in the future.


What is the point of having competitive experience, if you don't know how to craft a competitive application to grad school? ACR Homes just launched a program that will prepare employees for graduate school. This program offers focus groups, MCAT/GRE test prep, application reviews, impact statement reviews, networking with ACR alumni, and so much more. It is also a great way to connect with other students working toward the same goal. You can help share ideas and resources. Read more about the Grad School Application Assistance Program.


Finally, it has been said that the impact statement is one of the most important parts of your application to graduate school. Once an admissions team has seen you can meet the grade and experience requirements, they want to get to know you. They want to know your interests and passions and hear why you want to go into your field of choice. Working at ACR Homes has not only solidified for students that they want to work in healthcare, but we've even seen people completely change the course of their future to continue in the healthcare field as a result of their work. Many students write about their experience at ACR Homes when writing the impact statement. Without a doubt, the connections and relationships you create while working as a Direct Care Professional can be pretty inspiring. That, paired with the unique ability to advocate for the healthcare needs of the residents ACR Homes supports, helps you succeed.

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