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Is ACR the ‘work home’ you’ve been looking for?

Earning a college degree is a big achievement. But the way isn’t always clear for everyone. Surveys show that 20-30% of new students are undecided on a major. Others go on to graduate and struggle to find a job with their chosen major.

Does that sound familiar? You’re in good company. Several of our direct care professionals were in the same boat, but found their work home at ACR. If you have a heart to help others and a desire to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities, ACR provides a great place to grow your career, both personally and professionally. Here are a couple of their stories.

Pivoting from accounting to a new career

Melissa Glynn started her career in public accounting. Though she had an aptitude for numbers and spreadsheets, she quickly found that it didn’t spark a passion in her. She was “desperate” to find a job she could feel happy about. What to do? On the advice of a friend, she applied for a role at ACR. She came in with no experience caring for people with disabilities, making her feel out of her element at first. But the extensive training program along with support from her colleagues helped Melissa feel at ease in her role and gain trust with the four residents she cares for.

After a year of work at ACR, she was accepted into a graduate program for occupational therapy. She credits her work at ACR for helping her find her true career path, helping people with disabilities.

“If I wouldn’t have had the courage to put a halt on the path I was going, to change directions … I would have never met my residents,” she says.

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Finding everything she wanted in a career right at ACR

Brianna Palkki was a music major who worked retail jobs to pay the bills, but she was searching for a role that held more purpose and connection. She found what she was looking for as a direct care professional at ACR. When she graduated, Brianna knew that finding full-time work in music would be tough to come by. But ACR had what she was looking for. It gave her the full-time hours and affordable health benefits she needed. But working at ACR gave her the fulfillment she was after.

“It matched my own sense of values and integrity and encouraged my professional growth. ACR has provided me with all of that and more,” Brianna says.

Today, she’s a recruiting supervisor for ACR and she hopes to spend her career here.

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With our mission and work with people with disabilities, ACR Homes is also a great place to land for anyone looking for meaningful work!

Looking for a work experience with meaning, a job that’s more than a job? Learn more about working at ACR and apply today.