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Alumni Spotlight- PT student reflects on benefits of working at ACR Homes

Name: Jenna Brown

ACR Home: PINTAIL in White Bear Lake

Undergrad: University of Minnesota

Schooling/Career: Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at Northwestern University- going into my 2nd year!

How did ACR help reach your goals?
Going into college, I knew I had a passion for helping people with disabilities. Working for ACR Homes not only fulfilled this passion but also educated me on what a daily life is like for adults with disabilities. Today, I am in physical therapy school discussing the medical, physical, and psychosocial needs that people with disabilities need to survive and function. I reminisce on the days I worked at ACR Homes, where I was a crucial part of the residents’ care team, providing them these needs to enhance their quality of life using a person-centered approach. Improving quality of life—that’s my passion and that’s what healthcare is all about! I feel honored to have experienced this so early on in my career as a healthcare professional.
Additionally, I was exposed to medical management and how to work in a teamwork environment. These both are important skills that will easily transition into my profession as a physical therapist (PT). I got trained in to provide medical needs that some nurses are trained to do, transfers that PTs are trained to do, and performed therapeutic exercise regimes provided by PTs. Working at ACR Homes allowed me to become an expert in these skills and has led me to success in PT school. Being able to work in a team and having a daytime supervisor role enhanced my communication, leadership, and administration skills. These are skills that I can use not only in physical therapy, but also in life!
Through being an employee with ACR Homes, I was able to reach my personal and professional goals. It was truly an unparalleled experience.