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What can ACR Homes do for your medical career? Learn from these students

At ACR Homes, we’ve worked with many amazing individuals over the years. Whether they arrived as ambitious college students with dreams of becoming a doctor or were still searching for the right career path, they are all quick to give credit to ACR Homes for playing an important role in their success. Here’s a sampler of their stories, in hopes they may inspire you, too!

Niklas Damberg finds clarity for his future career

Niklas Damberg credits his nearly four years of employment at ACR for cementing his resolve to pursue a career in medicine. In the spring of 2020, he learned he was accepted into the University of Minnesota’s Medical School. It wasn’t only the relevant work experience at ACR that made his application strong, but doing a mock interview set-up by ACR helped him nail the medical school interview. Read more about his story here.

Olivia Schultz hones communication skills

For Olivia Schultz, interning at ACR Homes was a game changer because it honed her communication skills and helped her be a stronger candidate for the physician’s assistant program. As her instructors in her undergraduate program emphasized, it’s good communication that lets medical professionals provide the best care for patients. “ACR Homes understands this and teaches all staff to efficiently communicate with fellow employees, with guardians of residents and with other healthcare professionals,” Schultz says. Read more about her here.

ACR Homes helps PA students get traction on their applications

Applying to a physician assistant program isn’t easy. But as these five students found, the more than 200 hours of direct patient care at ACR Homes made them stand out from the rest of the competition. In fact, they were all accepted into the University of Marquette PA program! Read all about it here.

Cory Munden feels prepared for med school

Cory Munden was accepted to his first choice of medical school. Working as a direct care professional at ACR helped him hone his communication skills to not only get better at reading his patients’ non-verbal cues, but also get them to buy in to their medical treatment. In fact, in this area, he feels better prepared than his fellow medical students. He also got a glowing letter of recommendation from his residential supervisor. Learn more about Cory M.’s experience here.

Renae Sloth discovers her passion for nursing

For many of our students, their work with our wonderful residents has opened their eyes to new possibilities. Renae Sloth, for example, was looking to maintain her CNA certification, so she took on a role as a direct care professional with ACR Homes. At first, she found the job intimidating: How can she connect with, let alone provide good care to, patients who struggle to communicate? Once she tapped into her abilities to make a difference, her confidence grew. That takes us to the present day, where we find her as the assistant director of nursing! Read about her unexpected career turn here.

Interested in making a difference and beginning a meaningful career at ACR Homes? Contact us to learn more.